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COVID-19 SAFETY: Every person on our team has received the COVID vaccine. Read Our Safety Policy.
Our current service range includes Boulder, Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette,  Longmont & Erie. Coming soon to Niwot!


Every team member is kind, CPR/First Aid Certified, vaccinated, and completes interview, references verification, background check and DMV record check.


We are locally founded & owned and provide responsive help. Zero no shows. We strive to provide replacement in the very rare event a sitter must cancel.


Our service gives you back your time and energy. We do all the recruiting, vetting and scheduling of your sitters. We can even help with children's laundry and the dishwasher.


We set hourly rates at a living wage, and sitters receive partial payment in the event a family must cancel. This is how we attract highly reliable and capable sitters for your family.

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If you're the parent who manages the sitter list for your household, you know it can feel like an endless task. Paying a monthly subscription fee to a big childcare site can result in very few responses, no-shows or a short notice cancellation. You join for a month and discontinue, and rejoin and discontinue. You do find favorite sitters, who naturally must eventually relocate or begin new endeavors. You ask friends for recommendations (though they don't want to give out their favorite sitters either!). You try to make connections at your child's school....

...and if you're a childcare provider,  you know it can be tough to connect with great families. On big childcare sites, you receive messages from parents whose profile has no information or details. Then, you meet parents who are lovely people but offer a wage you cannot live on. Other families cancel babysitting on short notice and do not compensate you for your time commitment. 


Babysitters of Boulder supports parents and childcare providers. We interview and vet each member of our team, and parents can speak with their sitter prior to the booking for peace of mind and reassurance. Our well maintained group of available sitters helps parents to avoid short notice cancellation and inconvenience. For childcare providers, we hold standardized hourly rates, cancellation pay agreements, and we ensure that each family's profile has details you need.


Our values include kindness, living wages, respect and inclusion. You are invited to join our local community of parents and sitters choosing a fun and effective way to connect and work together. 


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When my nephew was born in 2017, my entire perspective on life changed forever and for the better. The moment I met him, I knew I had to have a lifestyle that afforded me lots of time to see him grow. I took my 15+ years of childcare experience and my advanced tidying & organizing skills (I played a lot of Tetris as a kid), and I began specializing as a temporary nanny. I'd book a job, give 110% to the end, and then jet off to visit my special little boy! I devoted myself to my work: going the extra mile to wow parents, offering their children the same compassion and creativity I give my nephew, and gathering lots of reviews. 


I loved my work and it took off. Requests poured in and I could only help a fraction of the families. I turned down new requests every week. I wanted to do more for these families and for my future. I formed Babysitters of Boulder in 2018.


I seek out and vet reliable, kind and experienced childcare providers. We are responsive and dependable people who follow through. We play, craft, listen, and limit screen time. I strive to provide an environment where sitters and nannies  feel seen and supported. When caregivers are respected and valued they can bring their best to our children and our homes. 


 Genna Hackley, Founder & Managing Director


The safety and security of children is first. Our providers have CPR/First Aid Certification, COVID vaccination and at least 3 years of experience. We verify background check, driving record, references, valid license and car insurance. We also provide staff with monthly continuing education on best practices in safety and children's development. 

We are insured, and registered with the state of Colorado. We strive to provide informative and transparent service. Our policies and our prices are 100% public on our Policies For Parents and our Babysitting Rates page. 

Our company policies have been carefully developed over nearly two decades in the field of childcare. Families & caregivers are two pieces of the same puzzle.We set hourly rates at a living wage for Boulder County, and we connect parents with caregivers they can trust. We strive to foster an environment of mutual respect where everyone is served well, and is able to build a life in our beautiful mountain home.

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Thank you so much for helping us book a sitter for 4 kids - for tomorrow! Your service and network are SO helpful to us." 


—  Emily H., Lafayette

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