Image by Alisha Hieb



Baby Presents


My name is Abigail. I am a loyal, hardworking, and very motivated person. I am a natural caregiver who can take on home management in addition to kind, experienced care of infants, children and family members.  I work during the day and am available to assist families on occasional evenings and weekends. With my management background, my caregiving experience, and my fun-loving personality, I know I would be a wonderful sitter to a family!


In addition to my sitting experience, I also have several nieces and nephews. One of my nieces, now almost 3 years old, lived with me for the first 2 years of her life. I was one of her primary caregivers during this time, sharing all those amazing milestones and firsts! One of my favorite silly memories of her is a time that we were dozing off together at home after a very active morning, and when she woke she started tapping my forehead and exclaiming, "You have eyebrows!" I have a fun-loving, easy going spirit and like to truly enjoy those great little moments of children's lives. At the same time, my management background allows me to be that capable, prepared person that parents can depend on. I have excellent organizational skills and am very detailed oriented.


For 3 years, I was also a caregiver to a quadriplegic adult. I did a wide range of tasks including bathing, administering medication, cooking, bowel programs, catheter help, and other daily tasks.


More fun facts about me...I'm pretty old school when it comes to electronics and video games. I would prefer to play outside and plan activities. I am originally from Chicago and relocated to Lafayette, CO, in 2018. 


"I have known Abigail for 3 years and she is just awesome. She has helped with my older child, 6, who has autism, and I also have a daughter who is now almost 2. Abigail is fun, she has a lot of energy, she has a lot of common sense and she is very honest. She is a very fun active person, and she is also a very organized and reliable person. She understands when she is needed, she can help with any task, or take over with the kids so I can make dinner, etc. She is very contentious about my children's safety and she can also enforce boundaries with them. She is not afraid to take charge and she does it in a positive way. You really can't go wrong hiring Abigail, I think any parent who meets her will see that she is just wonderful." - Frances W. 

"Abigail has a great way with kids. She has a very warm personality, very kind and outgoing and very active. Just the most energetic person, you can't believe the level of energy she has. She is that type of warm person who can build a relationship with anyone, of any age. She takes her work seriously and is committed. She would truly make a great addition to any family. I'd hire her if my children were not grown at this point!" - Alison M.