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I started babysitting when I was 10 and I have experience with all ages. I will be living and working in the Boulder area for Summer and Fall 2022, as part of my cross county travels and adventures. I look forward to helping families here. From 2015 to 2021 I worked in a daycare for ages as young as 6-8 weeks up to age 5-6. I have worked in two childcare centers in infant and toddler rooms including diapering, nap times, activities, meal and snacks. I was also a nanny for 1 year for an infant. In this role I worked 3 days a week from very early in the morning (6 am) to late evening (8 pm). When I am caring for children, I enjoy getting to know each child. Even each baby is different and their needs and what soothes them may be different. 

About me...I am from the East Coast, and I’m a full time traveler with a passion of working with children and helping them grow through play.


“AJ is one of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life. Seriously! They are great with kids, they are just special, I could go on forever. At the daycare center I own, we supported 80 children in 6 classrooms and AJ could work in any one of them for ages 6 weeks to ages 5-6. AJ has been with us since 2015 to present (when she comes back to visit she will pick up shifts) and she has been a go-to staff member to go into any task with a smile. She even watered the plants outside! AJ is not only very skilled but also very competent to learn anything you need them to know. If there is something specific to your family, all you need to do is ask or share the details and AJ will go above and beyond to ensure that your child’s needs are met. With COVID, AJ was very conscientious, very safety and sanitation oriented with the children. And then she does these amazing things such as going on adventures around the US, she loves travel and road trips and is just an incredible human being. If you can work with AJ for any length of time, you absolutely should take that opportunity, and you will love her.” - Heidi S.

"I have known AJ since 2019. I was looking for a babysitter, and my friend had been using AJ for her two kids. AJ  lived in her neighborhood and down the street from me! They still babysit for us whenever they are visiting home. AJ is in charge of my four children and dog. She also helped us with up to 7 children for a family wedding. AJ's responsibilities at my home have been taking care of the children (now age 1-7), preparing formula and breastmilk bottles, helping with dinner, bedtime, and also would help me with dog-sitting and feeding, walking etc. I did not have AJ transport or drive, but that was mostly due to logistics of so many car seats I did not want to ask another person to do all that! YES she is absolutely reliable, she helped me every Tuesday for over a year without a single issue. One of AJ's most positive attributes is that they are so positive and enthusiastic. AJ always is doing activities with the kids, whether it is taking them to the park or doing yoga. My kids have learned a lot from her - from cars to yoga! I would recommend AJ 100%!" - Allie H.