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Provider, Registered Behavioral Therapist

Hi there! My name is Alyssa and I have been working with kiddos of all ages for 6 years. I have a Psychology degree and I moved to Boulder for new experiences and to continue my education. I have experience with all ages from very young infants (6 weeks) to teens. I am in graduate school and available for babysitting on evenings & weekends!

I have approximately 3 years of experience with young infants and children under 1 from my work at an in-home daycare for ages 6 weeks to 11 years old. I helped to care for up to 14 children of all ages, and I am comfortable with diapering, nap times, bottle feeding and solid foods. I completed trainings on SIDS prevention, child development, infant safety and prevention of head trauma in infants and young children. I have approximately 4 years of experience with children ages 1-6, including toddlers and children who are potty training. I also spent two summers as a nanny for two sisters who were age 3 and 5 when I began.

For the past two years I have worked as a professional Behavior Therapist in Superior, CO, for ages 2 to 15 and loved every minute of it. Before this I worked for two years with an autism center in North Dakota. I enjoy working with early intervention, fine and gross motor skills, & social skills. I enjoy finding different natural environment settings for teaching and learning, and it is important to me to maintain a positive attitude and upbeat personality with children. I am CPR/First Aid certified and CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) certified.


Before I moved to Colorado I volunteered briefly with a program for children who have Down's Syndrome. I also have some experience with adults/clients over 18 who have special needs or disabilities. 

More fun facts about me...I’m originally from a very small town in Minnesota, and I'm very accustomed to winter driving and heavy snow.  I love the outdoors and being active - I played co-Ed volleyball during my college years, and when I first moved to Colorado I lived in Fort Collins and did a lot of hiking around the reservoirs. I absolutely love cracking jokes and doing fun experiments. I can play the trumpet, I’m a fuzzy sock enthusiast and a big fan of M&M cookies!


“Alyssa worked in my in-home daycare for two years, about 10 hours a week for ages 6 weeks old to 11 years old. She also worked more full time in the summer. She helped orchestrate each day's activities, snacks and lunches, supervised children and did diapering, naps, and helping children who were potty training. The daycare served 13 to 14 children at a time. She completed trainings on supervision, child development and prevention of SIDS and head trauma in infants and young children. Alyssa is very positive, patient, loving, works very well under pressure with multiple young children. She can easily accomplish any task you request, I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do! I would recommend Alyssa, absolutely.” - Tonya O.  

  • “I supervised Alyssa with our autism support and services group in Superior. She is professional and absolutely very reliable, she is usually here early and helps us gets ready for the day, unstacking chairs and setting up. She has worked primarily with ages 3 to 9 during her time here. She provides ABA therapy, helping children to learn and succeed in socially appropriate behaviors and reduce other types of behaviors. She completed CPR/BLS training, crisis prevention training and peaceful deescalation techniques. She is super energetic and willing to jump in and participate in what each individual child enjoys whether that is sports, reading, games - whatever that child finds fun and wants to share and talk about. I think that's a special skill. I would definitely recommend her to families.” - Shelly S. 
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