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Hello, my name is Amy. My childcare experience includes caring for family as well as paid professional childcare and daycare work. I have a degree in Nutrition, and so teaching and engaging with children about healthful eating is something I enjoy. I am a step-mom to a beautiful and sweet 5-year-old girl, and have caregiving experience with twins through my nieces who are now age 4. I assisted with them from infancy and began caring for them more regularly as a part time, paid nannying position from when they were age 2. From Fall 2021 to Summer 2022 I have cared for children ranging from 3-month-olds to five-year-olds in a daycare in Longmont. I worked most regularly with the toddlers in the "Young 2's" classroom at my daycare center and our ratio has been 1:7 or 1:14 with two co-teachers in the room. I am a big believer in positive guidance & Montessori philosophies. I am happy to support parents of any kind and learn what I need to so I can provide excellent care for your kiddos. I love to sing, dance, explore outside, read age-appropriate books, sensory activities, water play, bubbles, etc. 

I recently completed a 6 week assignment as a temporary nanny for a toddler and their older sibling in Boulder, and it was wonderful! While I am newer to nannying for other families outside of my nieces, I have confidence that my daycare work caring for 7 to 14 children, and my time caring for twin toddler nieces, has prepared me very well for focusing on 1 to 4 children in a home setting. My goal as a nanny is to take great care of children, help them grow, and watch them have fun! I am also willing to help with housekeeping that includes light housework, laundry, and meal preparation.

More about me...I am a step-mom to a beautiful and sweet 5-year-old girl, and I have a border collie mix. I am a fun, adventurous, and playful nanny. I love to rock climb, hike, bike, and play with my dog. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am dependable, honest, hard-working, a good listener, and kind.


“I supervised Amy’s work at our daycare center for about a year, for toddlers and “Young 2’s” classroom as well as infant care for up to 3-4 months of age. Our center has a hands-on training program and of course the state of Colorado requires Safe Sleep and Preventing Head Trauma training for every employee at our center. She was consistently reliable and on time. One of Amy’s best attributes is very understanding of the kids and where they’re coming from, and was straight forward in her communications with parents and formed relationships with them. One of Amy’s best attributes is taking the time to form relationships with each child and get to know them as the little people that they are. For that reason I think Amy would be especially well suited to taking care of children in a family’s home and building that relationship.” - Megan H.

“I worked with Amy at a daycare and early childhood center as co-teachers for about 7 months. Our center cares for children from ages 6 weeks to 2 years of age and I directly observed Amy with children 4 months and up. Amy is great to work with and she really knows her stuff when it comes to kids. One thing in particular that she does so well is teaching children how to think through something for themselves, especially the 2 year olds. How to feel competent, how solve their own problems so to speak without stepping over them and doing it for them. She really encourages children and takes her time with them. She is also a very a reliable coworker. I would recommend her, yes!” - Nicole F.