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Provider, K-12 Teacher

I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and I now live near Denver with my partner Elena. I am passionate about working with kids and have experience with children as young as 14 months and as old as 17 years. I am taking this next school year (2022-2023) to substitute teach, assist families with childcare needs, and pursue my licensure in teaching older grades, hopefully middle or high school Social Studies. 

My experience and credentials include:

  • Colorado Department Of Education: Substitute Teacher K-12 (active through 6/2027); Initial Teacher License Elementary Education K-6 (active through 6/2023) 

  • two years teaching 4th grade in Denver

  • one year teaching residency program in a 3rd/4th/5th grade classroom

  • three years as a teacher's assistant at a daycare connected to my college (toddlers through school-aged programs)

  • 8 years as a summer camp counselor (2015 - 2022)

  • other service jobs throughout the years including the restaurant industry, a ski shop in Boulder, and others.

One of my favorite memories as an educator was when I was teaching my students (4th graders) how to calculate area and perimeter of rectangles. One student in particular was struggling with the multiplication, but once he practiced it a few times, he said "oh, that makes so much sense now!" I loved seeing how excited he got about acquiring a new skill. At the end of our math lesson, he and several other students were sad and complained that they wanted to keep doing math because it was so much fun, even though we were ending the lesson so they could go to recess! It helped highlight to me the value of learning and the enjoyment that can come from mentally enriching activities. 

More about me...I love the outdoors that Colorado has to offer; I have grown up hiking, skiing, camping, and just generally loving being active and outside.


“Andrew would be great for any family. He’s so good with kids. I’ve known him since he was an attendee of the mountain summer camp I run in Colorado and then he became a team leader and senior staff member. He is also a wonderful teacher. He’s worked here almost ever summer now since 2015, and our camp counselors serve ages 2nd grade through teens. He’s the type of person who can do it all, and learn how to do anything. He’s got his commercial license for driving the children in the bus up the mountain. He developed character development activities for staff members as well, to develop leadership skills. He’s a good dishwasher, too! You really can’t go wrong with Andrew. I would recommend him without hesitation to any parent.” - Lynn W. 

“I was the director of the daycare where Andrew worked as a college student and I supervised him directly. Andrew was awesome. He worked with ages 3-6 regularly and assisted in the infant & toddler room for children as young as 18 months. This included snack time, activities, diapering, and nap time supervision until the older children arrived at the after school program. He was always open to helping wherever he was needed, including the kitchen to prep and cut snacks and fruit to appropriate sizes for the toddlers. I would absolutely recommend him. He works very well with children and parents really got along with him. On his days off the children would always ask, ‘Where is Andrew! When is he coming back!’ They were so happy to see him. He always came in with a positive attitude and ready to spend time with kids, he wasn’t a staff member who was trying to make it to nap time or anything like that, he was truly there to engage with children and help them. I have worked in childcare centers and settings for 18 years. I can tell you there are so few men in this profession and we truly need them to provide children with balanced development. I was happy to encourage Andrew to pursue work in this field.” - Beth D.

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