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You can cancel or modify your booking in your online account, by email ( or by directly contacting the agency at (303) 749-1168 (phone, voicemail or text). 


Parents cannot cancel by only contacting the babysitter. A parent may believe that a babysitter mutually agreed to cancel or that the babysitter decided to cancel, when the babysitter is simply accepting the parent's cancellation request and being polite.

PAYMENT TO THE BABYSITTER This cancellation policy will change on 3/1/2023, update pending. 

  • cancellation < 48 hours notice: 50% of sit total due to your sitter (with a 3-hour minimum) 

  • cancellation in advance: $25.00 due to your sitter 

  • changing a booking in a way that causes the scheduled sitter to decline the booking will follow the same two payment policies above. Example: parent books an 8 hour sit and a few days before the booking, parent needs to shorten it to 3 hours. The scheduled provider declines this shorter booking. A $25.00 advance cancellation payment is due to that provider. 

  •  Once a booking has been confirmed with a babysitter, if parent reduces the length of the booking with less than 48 hours notice, parent will pay their scheduled provider for the original length of the booking.​​

  • canceling when the sitter arrives/forgotten booking: payment in full to the babysitter

  • special 7 day cancellation/change policy for holidays, overnights, travel, events, weddings and multi-sitter bookings (see below)


  • standard $21.95/booking reservations will be credited to your account and credits do not expire

  • payment for overnight bookings ($35.00/overnight) is not credited or transferrable

  • surcharge for short notice reservations ($15.00) is not credited or transferrable

  • event and wedding reservation payments and deposits are not refundable, credited or transferrable 


The agency will confirm the amount due. You can then pay the babysitter directly via Venmo, Apple Pay etc. if you know their information. Alternatively we can process your payment using your card on file. Our credit card vendor assesses a charge of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. We will remit 100% of the payment to your sitter. The agency does not profit from a cancellation.


 Once a booking has been confirmed with a babysitter, if a parent reduces the length of the booking with less than 48 hours notice, the parent will pay the childcare provider for the original length of the booking.​​ Shortening or lengthening a sit may result in the scheduled babysitter declining the sit. In this case, a cancellation fee is due to them based on when the change is made. Example: a parent reduces an 8 hour sit to a 3 hour sit a few days before the booking. The provider declines this shorter booking. The $25.00 advance cancellation fee is due to the babysitter. 



  • Holidays:

    • Christmas Eve

    • Christmas Day

    • New Year's Eve (all day)

    • New Year's Day

    • Valentine's Day (after 4:00 pm)

    • Easter

    • 4th of July

    • Labor Day

    • Memorial Day

    • Thanksgiving

    • Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)

  • 7 day cancellation and change policy applies to all holidays (above), event/wedding bookings, and reservations that require more than one babysitter. For reservation cancellation or changes by the client with less than 7 days notice, the client pays 50% payment of the reservation's full anticipated value (with a 3 hour minimum).

  • 7 days notice is required to change any booking that requires multiple babysitters. Changes that result in fewer babysitters needed will pay 50% of the booking's anticipated value (with a 3 hour minimum) to the babysitter(s) who is no longer needed.

  • Event reservation payments and/or deposits are not refundable, credited or transferrable. 


Babysitters carefully arrange their schedule to reserve their time for a family for overnight or travel childcare. They may have hired a pet sitter, arranged their own childcare, etc. Once an overnight booking or travel booking is confirmed:

  • client cancellation with 10 days notice or more: client pays 50% of the booking's total value to the babysitter

  • client cancellation less than 10 days notice: client pays 75% of the booking's total value to the babysitter

  • client cancellation less than 48 hours notice: client pays 100% of the booking's total value to the babysitter

  • until 2/28/23, the current cancellation policy is that the client pays 50% of booking's value to scheduled provider for cancellation less than 7 days notice and $25.00 for cancellation more than 7 days notice


There are no exceptions to the cancellation policy. This is not to penalize or upset customers. The purpose of the cancellation fee is to ensure stable income for the childcare workers. Parents need childcare workers, and childcare workers can only stay in this field if the income is stable. 


Consideration of emergency circumstances or rescheduling are at the sole discretion of the agency. Babysitting contractors cannot independently offer or agree to waive a cancellation charge with a client.


In the case of severe weather warnings, we may make a good faith effort to reach out to you about cancellation in advance so that you can avoid a larger cancellation payment. Ultimately clients and providers are responsible to watch the weather and make a decision as they see fit. For safety, we may cancel bookings if a storm advisory or hazardous roads advisory has been issued. If the agency has cancelled the booking no payment is due. 


Canceling when the sitter is already on their way or arrived requires payment in full to your sitter. Example: a client forgot a booking, their child became ill while the provider was on the way, parent thought their booking was tomorrow, parent thought they canceled and they didn't, etc. 


Why do childcare agencies have cancellation policies?  Our #1 responsibility to parents is to have qualified babysitters available when parents need them. We can only maintain a team of great babysitters if the wages are stable. The cancellation fee ensures a degree of stable guaranteed wages for the childcare workers. The secondary purpose is to reduce the number of bookings that get made and canceled, causing a disruption for the worker who was scheduled for the job. Great childcare workers are dependable and they follow through. They prefer to work with clients who are also generally dependable and follow through (with the understanding that life with kids can't always go as planned). 


Can I reschedule instead of paying a cancellation charge? Rescheduling is not in our policy because it means that the childcare worker will receive one day of pay for reserving two different days in their schedule. This usually does not make financial sense for the childcare worker. If a childcare provider specifically wants to reschedule, we can do that.

I didn't know 48 hours ago that I'd be sick so I could not cancel in advance. Can I pay the smaller advance cancellation charge instead?  That is not possible because the time of the cancellation financially impacts the childcare worker and their ability to rebook other paid work. 

I had an emergency. Can the charges be waived?  It's a logical question. Although we cannot harm the childcare worker by waiving the pay that they depend on, we may be able to help in some other way.  Please feel free to contact us at (303) 749-1168 about emergency support such as relief childcare related to the Marshall Fire. In the rare event that any emergency exception is made to the cancellation policy, the babysitter must still be paid for the 3 hour minimum.


Let's consider this question from the other side: if your employer had an emergency and asked to not pay you, would that be realistic for you? Can you afford to lose wages because of the weather or because someone else got sick? 

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