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Hello families, My name is Carol and I have been caring for children for more then 20 years. I have experience working with kids of all ages, from newborns and young infants to school age children. I have also worked as a night nanny for young infants, and have traveled with a family, providing infant care. I want the children I care for to have fun, and it is also very important to me to ensure that they are safe at all times. I look forward to meeting and caring for your children!


I have cared for and taught children in preschools, childcare centers and daycares, and in homes as a nanny and babysitter. I also operated an in-home daycare for many years, where I was responsible for up to six children at a time, and created a schedule and activities for each week. I have also taught children in many places outside of the usual classroom. Some examples of things I have taught include kayaking, rock climbing, exploring the natural world outdoors, bike riding and cooking.


When working with children, I am calm and patient but also active and creative. For example, during a time that I was working in a toddler classroom, we wanted to do something special for the holiday party. We wanted it to be something that the young children could help plan and really fully participate in. We came up with an idea to give both the kids and their parents some marshmallows and then we had an "indoor snowball fight." The parents and the kids loved it!

I have completed several early childhood courses on infant and toddler development, and I also have some experience with children who have developmental delays, autism, sensory disorders and behavioral needs.

Fun facts about me...I am a mother of a very spirited 9 year old daughter who loves animals. 

A note on COVID-19 safety: I am vaccinated, and following the current recommended precautions is important to me. I ask to book with families who also follow the CDC guidelines and any of the current safety mandates for our state.


"I just cannot recommend Carol highly enough. When we met Carol we had just moved from New York to Denver and I had just given birth to my son. I was a new mom and we were exhausted. We needed night nanny help, but at the same time I was so afraid to allow anyone else to care for my baby. Carol was so understanding, she understood that I was nervous and she was just so patient, and helped with anything from laundry to bottle washing and anything in general around the house. She also worked a daytime schedule when we needed that. I honestly feel like I put Carol through every scenario as a new parent. I can be that very obsessive parent who hovers and Carol was never phased by any of it. I even had Carol fly with me to NY when I had work there, and she would be with my baby son and my elderly mother for 13 hours! And through it all she was still that same positive, helpful, wonderful person. She is also so creative. She came up with so many developmental and sensory activities around the house and outdoors for my son. Carol is naturally creative and dreams up great activities and I feel that is a great skill for children to be around. Any parent would be so, so fortunate to have her, just so fortunateI could go on and on about how wonderful she is, and all the things she did for my son and for our family. I am so thankful to know her." - Anita C.

"I can't say it enough that Carol is just awesome. I was a lead teacher (at a school in Boulder) and I had lost my co-teacher and was going through other assistant teachers that didn't work out, and substitutes. Then Carol came in, and she had so many amazing ideas, and we hit it off right away. She is very engaged, very patient, she is such a natural with kids. We were in the ages 3 to 4 classroom, and Carol also worked in the ages 2 to 2.5 classroom. I am now nannying and I STILL call Carol for ideas, if I need some help w/ something such as how to help my child learn to hold a pencil correctly, and just anything where I need brainstorming of good ideas. You cannot go wrong hiring Carol. I give her rave reviews!" - Shantel P.