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Provider, Teacher

Hi! I'm Chaquella, but everyone calls me Quella (pronounced Keel-ah). I have a certification in Early Childhood Education as a teacher for infants through school age children. I am also a registered behavioral technician through the BACBA (Behavior Analyst Certification Board), working with children who have special needs. In addition to my professional record, I also have almost 10 years of babysitting and nannying experience for all ages. I have even nannied for preemie twins...and their 6-year old twin siblings! I enjoy working with all ages, and infant care is also my speciality! I am completely comfortable with infants in all stages of development, from birth to toddlerhood.


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved spending time with and working with children. I love teaching, and what I also love about nannying for that 1:1 opportunity to really get to know a child, understand their interests and needs, and to build a great working relationship with an individual family. I am a very laid back and fun loving person, I love to laugh, and I am also hard working, reliable and committed. 


One of my favorite memories as a caregiver and educator is working with a little boy from three months old through toddlerhood. He attended the school where I worked for many years. He struggled greatly with trying new foods, and it was a point of focus for his family. One day during lunch I was serving the children, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see that he was trying a new food I offered - and he was enjoying it. He then came over to me and said, "I loved it!" At pickup time that day, I shared the event with his parents, and we all were overjoyed. He had reached this milestone we had been working on for so long. It was amazing to see how far he had come, and to be involved in his growth and development. 

Fun facts about me...I relocated to Boulder County from Massachusetts in 2019 for a new adventure. I love spending time outside, and spending time with friends and family. 


"Quella has been a nanny for both our baby preemie twins (8 weeks when she started with us) and our older twins (age 6 when she started). She is fabulous - diligent, trustworthy, conscientious, kind, and of course, great with kids and babies. Lovely personality. In addition to taking care of our children, she helped with light housework and did a wonderful job with that as well. Really, everything you want in a nanny. Highly recommend." - Alex H.

"I supervised Quella at a kindergarten learning center where she worked for almost two years. At the Learning Center our goal is to hire not just licensed educators but also individuals who are nurturing, creative, take the time to listen to children, and really take the time to understand what infants are saying and trying to communicate. Quella is all of that and more. She is just one of the most kind, thoughtful and reliable people you will ever meet. When she makes a commitment, you can count on her. She has worked with the babies as young as 2 and a 1/2 weeks, and she has worked with children who have a variety of special needs. I would absolutely recommend her to any parent of an infant or young child." - Amy B.