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Since March 2020, we have followed the most current Boulder County mandates and the CDC recommendations for testing, exposure notification, isolation and quarantine. Read the current Boulder County Requirements and Guidelines here and CDC Guidelines here. We will promptly notify families and providers if they have come into close contact exposure with an ill or exposed individual, in keeping with Boulder County Public Health Department's definition of exposure. Read the Boulder County definitions and mandates here


  • Vaccination became a requirement for our team (documented medical/religious exceptions only) as of 9/28/2021. 

  • We are able to track if team members have received the vaccine at least once. We are not able to continuously track if team members are receiving boosters per the CDC definition of "fully vaccinated."

  • We accept team members with a documented medical exemption or exemption for sincerely held religious belief. Parents may select to book with vaccinated caregivers only or indicate no preference. 

  • As of 11/9/2021 the booster became available for all Coloradans 18+. We encourage it for our team and many team members have received at least 1 booster shot, however we cannot guarantee the booster. Some team members are not eligible yet or are medically ineligible for a booster.

  • Providers agree to adhere to current state and county mandates while they are working. The agency cannot limit what providers do during their personal time and we cannot ask providers what they do during their personal time. 

  • Babysitters agree to wear a mask upon client request. A documented medical reason is the only exception to excuse a provider from wearing a mask.

  • If a sitter is wearing a mask in your home please wear one too for courtesy and help to maintain social distancing if possible. 

  • If you would like a babysitter to wear an KN-95 or similar medical grade mask in your home, you must provide one for them.  

  • Parents, please share your mask & safety needs with us prior to requesting a nanny placement. We cannot require nanny candidates to agree to permanent/long term mask wearing.


  • Because a mild runny nose is so common for children, a sitter can come if  it is the only symptom. Provider and all family members over the age of 2 should wear a mask. Please note if a child develops a fever during the sit, the sitter may need to leave and full payment for the sit is due. 

  • If any person in the family has taken a COVID-19 test, they must have a negative result to book babysitting or have a nanny come to work. 

  • Parents should not book a sitter if a child has a fever. Please do not book care if you or anyone in your household  has potential symptoms of COVID-19 and does not have a negative test result, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • The BVSD guide to the stay home policy and return policy may help parents to determine when illness cancellation is appropriate. 

  • Per Colorado Revised Health Statute § 25-1.5-102(1) on Epidemic and Communicable Diseases, the state prohibits sending a childcare worker to a location where any person is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and do not have a negative test, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or has been exposed and needs to isolate (as defined by the County mandate).

  • FOR PROVIDERS: We do not permit team members to go to babysitting bookings with symptoms. You must notify the agency immediately if you are ill or concerned that you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms. If you are waiting for a COVID-19 test result you must not attend bookings while your result is pending.


  • Effective in Colorado as of January 1, 2022, all employers (parents) must provide accrued sick leave of 1 hour per 30 hours worked to an employee (the nanny). See the new law here and see the full employer guide here. In addition, while the public health emergency remains in effect, employers must offer employees a one time allotment of two weeks paid leave if they must be absent for COVID-19 related reasons. This may include the nanny being ill, if they must stay home with their own child, care for an ill family member, etc.

  • It is important to never penalize your nanny for adhering to the current isolation, quarantine and testing mandates. 

  • Failure to adhere to current COVID-19 mandates is a ticketable offense in Boulder County.

  • If the family contracts COVID-19 or potential symptoms, their nanny should not attend work for the duration of the family's quarantine period.  In this case the nanny's weekly pay will continue until the family's household receives a negative COVID test result, or until the county mandated quarantine period is complete. A medical professional's clearance to return to work is also sufficient. 


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