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Image by National Cancer Institute


I have babysat kids of varying ages since high school, and my biggest piece of experience is the time I’ve spent with my current nanny family (starting in 2019). I started when the boys were 3-4 months old and 3 years old, and now they’re 3 years and 6 years. We’ve been through and conquered lots together, including a whole summer spent inside because of the fires and covid, time spent apart because of covid, meshing discipline styles, figuring out sleep schedules, testing new foods, teaching the older boy how to handle being a big brother, and teaching the younger boy how to do pretty much everything! 

As a nanny I love filling our days with activities; arts and crafts, catching bugs, going on trips to the zoo, the butterfly pavilion, the pool, and any park we can find. 

More about me...I’m your classic small town girl who found love and moved away! The first 23 years of my life were spent in the same little town in Wisconsin, and in 2019 I packed my things and headed West. I love it here! My favorite activities are pretty simple; I love walks (but I stink at hikes), especially with my dogs, I love live music, casual shindigs with my friends, and taking day trips to see new places. I’ve been told I’m sunshine in human form- which I find to be the best compliment, and I’ve been nicknamed Mama Del. Sometimes I can be a bit of a “hippie” in that I love artsy stuff, I try to find the silver linings, and I do my best to care for and advocate for the Earth, but I also try to be very grounded and realistic. My main goal in this life is to make others happy and to be happy myself! 


"Delaney has been our nanny since 2019 when my youngest was 3 months and my older child was almost 4 (now 3 and 6). She has been with us 3 days/week approximately 25 to 30 hours/week. Delaney prepared formula and breastmilk bottles when my youngest was an infant, helping with his development, nap time and all those aspects of infant care. She has performed transport/school drop-off pickup, trips to the butterfly pavilion and the zoo etc. She is reliable and I would definitely recommend her to parents. I would tell other parents that Delaney is very playful with kids, very loving, trustworthy, receptive to feedback and very willing to do what works best for your family.” - Hatty R.

“Delaney watched my daughter for 3 months in Spring 2019 and did part time a couple full days a week as well as babysitting as needed. She was great. She also sent me updates and photos too during the day, and she offered to help pick up around the house if needed. It was really nice to come home to a cleaner house at the end of the day. I had a dog too at that time, and Delaney helped out and made sure my daughter was safe around our dog. Delaney is super sweet, she has clear communication, and is very prompt and responsible.” - Vicki P.

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