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Image by Senjuti Kundu


I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four! As my children are grown and my grandchildren are all in school, I enjoy babysitting where I can help young families by providing loving care, careful supervision and a happy, fun experience as well as working to accomplish necessary chores.


I am completely the caring grandmother type which has been very meaningful to those families who are far away from their own families or who no longer have grandparents on this earth. I'm energetic, enthusiastic, and playful. I am a good cook and I am familiar with kid friendly foods. I am creative and resourceful in keeping children safely busy, and comforting them when they are unhappy. I relate very well to people of all ages, I always strive to be a positive role model, and I love being an important part of a child's life to help them create happy childhood memories.


Fun facts about me...I was raised in Boulder and moved to Longmont 20 years ago where I opened a cafe. I ran it for 15 years until selling it in 2019, but I still cook very often! My family all live nearby me in Longmont so I get to see them often and that is really important to me. I have raised my children in a loving and mutually respectful atmosphere where we all grew close and have stayed that way.


I love to swim and walk and do those things as much as I can. I have 2 old cats who keep me company when I'm home!



Eileen is really fabulous and has baby sat for our 2 year old and 5 month old daughters for months. Eileen is very good at time management and prioritizing which of my children needs what at any given moment. She’s very energetic and up and playing with my 2 year old. My daughter asks for Eileen constantly and gets very excited when she is coming over. She also owned a restaurant for many years and so she has cooked for us too! She is always on time, always gives a report of how the day went. She really cares about our children and honestly cares about us as parents too. You can’t go wrong with Eileen. ” - Jessie O. 

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