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Childrens Show


 Hello! I moved to the Boulder area, from Vermont, to pursue my Masters in Mental Health Clinical Counseling in Boulder. I have been working with youth for over a decade. In addition to sitting and nanny care, I have worked in an interactive children's museum, and have provided afterschool care and homework help. For three years while living in New York City for my undergraduate degree, I also volunteered at an after school program that provided theater programming and mentorship for children living in the Hell's Kitchen area. Children were eligible to join at age 9, and many children stayed through their high school graduation. Since 2016, I have also served as a counselor and head counselor at a sleep away summer camp. Children who attend the camp range in age from infants who are several months old (day camp/daycare), all the way to teenagers ages 16 to 18. 


My childcare philosophy is founded in a strong sense of play and adventure, and my work with children has directly influenced my developing career and graduate degree. My concentration is Wilderness Therapy. I am a firm believer in using the outdoors (or whatever environment we have) as inspiration for creativity and imagination-based fun. I strongly believe that we have as much to learn from youth, as they have to learn from us. I strive to fully listen to what children are saying, for they usually know exactly who they are.


I strive to encourage children's sense of critical thinking and awareness. For example, rather than simply saying, "Be careful!" I might ask, "Do you feel safe right now? Do you have a plan in this activity?" Empowering young minds to think critically, and in an explorative way, is my greatest passion.

Fun facts about me...when I am not in class or working, I am likely moving my body in some way! I enjoy working out, but am at my absolute happiest when hitting the trails. I am a long distance backpacker. I have completed half of the Appalachian Trail with plans to go back as soon as I can. I have a one year old kitten named Rhea who is the absolute love of my life! Before I made the switch to studying Mental Health I was a Musical Theater I cannot promise that your children and I will not have a musical number prepared for you, when you come home. 



"Elena is amazing, just amazing. She's dependable, she's kind, she's energetic, she's got good boundaries. She's so open and receptive, we worked together so well. She cared for my two boys, they were 4 and 7 at the time she started. I have also seen her work with large groups of kids at the summer camp my sons attended in New York, and she was absolutely terrific with that as well. I trusted her with the lives and safety of my children, implicitly. My family was also going through some changes at that time and Elena had so much grace and was so dependable throughout that.  I would recommend her to any parents absolutely! If she was still in New York I would ask her to be my live-in nanny!" - Eva P. 

"Elena is just wonderful. She cared for my sons for nearly 5 years, in Manhattan NY. Over that time they grew from babies to age 6. I was even on crutches for some of that time! So she was extra involved in helping! I have recommended her to friends and would recommend her to any parent. She is great, she gets it, she gets everything done, she is dependable. She is very into nature and outdoor learning. She is very calm and mellow. Even in the face of chaos or tantrums, she is calm. Which I loved and so appreciated. She also did late nights, and pickups and drop-offsI think you will love her!" - Marcy C.