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I have been a professional nanny for over 14 years caring for children ranging in age from 2 months to 5 years old.  I also worked as a teaching assistant at several preschools and bring my teaching skills to my nanny position.  I am a member of the International Nanny Association and attend local and national conferences to keep up to date with current infant and child care developments. In 2021 I completed two trainings through Newborn Care Solutions: 16 hours of newborn care foundational training, and green and nontoxic products for baby's room. 


My priority is to provide a safe and loving environment.  I believe in creating a fun learning environment, fostering  exploration, independence and creativity.  I think that following a daily routine helps provide consistency in a child's life (naps, meal time, etc.).  I like to follow the Love and Logic philosophy of respect and responsibility and also giving children choices.  I think of my position as a team effort with the parents and making their lives easier in whatever way that I can, and being very punctual is important to me. 

I love to get outdoors with children in all types of weather including:  sledding in the winter, looking for worms on a rainy day and going for nature walks.  I research local age appropriate activities in the area and enjoy taking children to the zoo, museums, farmer's market, gymnastics and swim lessons (just to name a few!).


"It is my great pleasure to recommend Evelyn. Evelyn was our full-time nanny from December 2010 through May 2015. She began taking care of my 4 month old son and over the course of her employment also took care of my younger son from his birth in February 2013. Evelyn is devoted, reliable, caring and trustworthy and seamlessly jumped right into our hectic lives. Most importantly, she loves our boys and they love her. She pretends, sings, laughs, hugs, cooks and reads with our boys, planned fun outings, researched fun activities for our boys and then ensured they were always on time for these classes (Gymnastics, Music Class etc.). Evelyn has been helpful with every major hurdle of having an infant. She was instrumental in allowing this 40+ hour a week mama to successfully breastfeed her boys by always carefully handling the milk for many, many bottles and meticulously recording every ounce. She was also critical in potty training our older son. She adeptly follows our wishes with respect to naps, discipline, etc. and provides a superb, detailed daily report. She is open to new ideas about everything from development to activities and often independently researches the strategies or brings new articles, suggestions, and toys that may help. Evelyn is skillfully in tune with child development and has undoubtedly made a definite, meaningful impact on the development of our sons. This is evident in her play with the kids, reading, language, and weekly challenges for them focused on fine and gross motor activities, cognitive skills, and social- emotional development. She is also very conscious of safety, and teaches the kids how to be safe, polite, and healthy. We also appreciate Evelyn’s scheduling flexibility, enabling the occasional schedule adjustment and date night. Evelyn also does a lot around our house. She does all of the kids’ laundry, takes out their trash, organizes and rotates toys and books, and empties/starts our dishwasher. Evelyn has become and will remain part of our family; my kids adore her and so do my husband and I. I recommend Evelyn with full confidence." Pam S.

Evelyn cared for our daughter from 9 months old until she turned 3 and started preschool (a little over two years together!). In addition to excellent care, she performed all of our child-related household duties like healthy snacks and meals, laundry, and keeping toys tidy after playtime. We began working together at an untraditional time - February 2020, just a month before lock down began for the COVID-19 pandemic. We experienced two of Evelyn’s many strengths — her reliability and communication! We listened, learned, and adapted together. We really appreciate her thoughtfulness for our safety wishes during a very ambiguous two years. Evelyn is everything a professional nanny should be: thorough, eager to help, an educator/advisor to us as parents, reliable, and our daughter LOVES her. As an infant nanny caregiver, she helped her reach developmental milestones through play and encouragement. One thing that was extra special was -- at my request, for months -- she drove to my office daily during my lunch break so I could continue to nurse my daughter. She also prepared pumped milk in bottles.


They went outside daily to explore nature, whether for walks, visiting parks, or age-appropriate outdoor play. As our daughter grew, Evelyn researched more toddler-appropriate activities for her each week — like fun seasonal crafts, gymnastics class, the zoo, Music Together classes outside (for COVID safety), and more. Evelyn encouraged our daughter's love of music and books. She is also very safety conscious and professional. It has been an incredible two years! And the next family is oh-so-lucky to have her! - Katie & Matt H. 

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