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Child's Play For The Big Day

This is perfect for you if:

  • your event/conference wants to offer onsite childcare

  • your wedding is"kid free" and children will be cared for in a separate area, or

  • kids may be around for part of the day and then will play in a childcare room separate from the reception or event.

  • children will participate in your reception and you'd like added babysitter supervision so that parents can more fully enjoy the event


Give us your date, times, and number of little partiers we will be supervising. We will manage parent registration, reserving your babysitting team, activities, safe sign-in/out, and settling payment to your babysitters at the end of the day.


  • An event booking is any location that is not in-home or hotel room care i.e. wedding venues, outdoor events & corporate conferences

  • event bookings typically call for 6 weeks notice or more

  • we will ask for a final child headcount 4 weeks before your event (if you have an event planner they may track this for you)

  • sitters do not leave the worksite/drive children 

  • our sitter-to-child ratio is 1:4 and is 1:2 if children are under 2 years old

  • children must be released to the parent or guardian who dropped off unless otherwise planned in advance; any person picking up a child (including their own parent) must be able to present legal government ID 


  • flat daily rate of $595.00/day reserves two (2)  highly competent and organized babysitters + age-appropriate games & activities 

    • if you already have the games & activities for your event, you may be able to reserve babysitters at $200.00/day per babysitter (we have a two babysitter minimum for safety) 

  • additional sitter(s) at $150.00/day 

  • sitter hourly wages are separate from the agency's daily rate; see infographic below 

  • we hold the nonrefundable $595.00 deposit when your event is confirmed and must hold a credit card on file 

  • the total balance due (sitters' wages and any gratuity) is due 10 days before your event date

  • 20% gratuity is applied for groups of more than 15 children

  • Care for 15+ children? There may be an additional charge for added activities, games, and all-around planning & orchestrating


  • Once an event booking is confirmed:

    • cancellation with 10 days notice or more: 50% payment is due to the scheduled sitters (with a 3 hour minimum)

    • cancellation with less than 10 days notice: 100% of the booking's total anticipated hourly wages are due to the scheduled sitters

    • the agency's flat daily rate is not refundable, creditable or transferrable

    • changes that reduce the number of sitters needed (fewer children attending) follow the cancellation policy outlined above


ACTIVITIES & GAMES We provide age-appropriate items such as coloring books, board games, party games, cookie decorating kits etc. as part of your overall purchase. It's vital that kids have things to do. Traveling parents often don't bring much and we don't want to to rely on movies/screens for hours. Items are shipped to the lead sitter or your event host/planner and are yours to keep after the event. 

TRAVELING FAMILIES NEED STROLLERS OR CRIBS? Rent locally in nearby Broomfield, CO, with Amy Mahan with Baby Quip.



WHAT IF I JUST WANT TO OFFER MY GUESTS CHILDCARE AT THEIR OWN HOTEL ROOMSWe do that! Childcare at a guest's hotel room, Airbnb etc. will be booked by our standard family registration ($34.95) and daily booking charge ($24.95/day for visitors). Our standard hourly rates for hotels/Airbnbs begin at $33.00/hour for up to two siblings of any age. This is perfect for you if your event is "kid-free" and you aren't reserving a separate space for childcare, yet you want guests to have a childcare resource.

HOW MANY SITTERS WILL I NEED? We have a 2 sitter minimum for safety and two sitters can typically care for eight children depending on age and any special needs. We have a ratio of 1 sitter per 2 children, for children under the age of 2.  So, if your group includes many infants or toddlers under the age of 2 then we will help you to reserve additional babysitters for safety.

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