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Image by Alisha Hieb




Founder, Provider

I established Babysitters of Boulder in 2018, a local business that supports kind care for children, parents' peace of mind, living wages and equity. I am from New Mexico, and have lived and worked in Australia, Texas, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Louisville, CO. My niece and nephew are the joys of my life! In my free time my husband and I work on our new home & have mini-adventures with our elderly dog. 

I began nannying in 2005 while completing my Biology degree at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. Since then I have devoted thousands of hours to caring for children and families. I have never really been flustered by crying babies or toddlers going through an emotional storm; I have always felt like babies & young children are really trying to communicate something to us in those moments & I care for children as they are. I have cared for with all ages from newborn to teen, including multiples. I have assisted parents who have a deceased child and other living children. I have cared for children with a variety of unique needs including preemies, torticollis, hearing loss, speech disorders, and diagnoses related to intellectual development (IDDs). I have basic knowledge of infant/pediatric sign language for preverbal and nonverbal children. 


I have a special place in my heart for ages zero to three. During this time children develop their core foundation of language acquisition, sense of self-worth, independence and competence. Their caregiver can have an incredibly positive and lasting impact!


I love to take children outdoors because I believe that free time in nature soothes the mind and stirs the imagination. Growing up I spent countless hours outside building mud houses for toads, looking under rocks for mysterious creatures, and collecting plants and seeds to store in my outdoor forts. I love to share these activities with children now.

Thank you so much for considering our team to care for your children, or joining us as a childcare contractor. Building this neighborhood network of parents and caregivers means a great deal to me. 


Genna (or Miss Genna, if you're one of my sitter kiddos!)


"I hired Genna as a backup to my usual daycare. She arrived a bit early to get acquainted with the house and kids. My boys (4 and 1) immediately took to her. She sent me pictures throughout the day and when I came home, it was organized and cleaner than it had been for months! She also had taken the boys to the park and my 4 year old raved about how much they played and had fun. He asked she come back again very soon. After she left she sent me a summary of their day including all snacks and activities. Genna is truly amazing and I have rebooked her!" - Cassie B.

Genna is wonderful in every sense of the word. She arrives ready to help out mama and children in any way she can. She goes above and beyond without being asked. We recently moved and I had boxes and chaos and baby TWINS! When the kids slept she made the effort to organize the boxes of kids' clothes and even our laundry room. She even folded laundry and cleaned up the kitchen every evening before she left so I could have some much needed time for myself once the kids were asleep. She is willing to do it all...from being an extra hand at the twins' doctor appointments to shopping to jumping together with them at the Bounce House. She is just so wonderful and helpful and I wish I could have her spend time with us every day. - Casey M.B.

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