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I have always loved kids. I have worked as a nanny, a daycare staff member and babysat for neighbors over the years. I am a mom of 2 and a grandmother of 2 wonderful boys. Comfortable with diapering, naps, bottles etc.! I worked for 3 years as a full time nanny to 1 yr old twins (to age 4) and performed housekeeping also. In 2021-2022 I worked as a lead teacher for infants to toddlers for a daycare center in Erie and in Boulder. We also cared for children up to 6 years old. I love to help children's brains absorb and grow through reading and crafts. Over the years I have pursued my dream of helping children grow and learn. 

More about me...I am originally from Georgia and I am the oldest of three children. 


“We met Joy when my son was daycare in the toddler room and he moved up with her to the “Young 2’s” room after his second birthday. Joy has a very special place in our hearts because in the middle COVID pandemic and everything else, my son had a pretty major surgery. Joy would come drop items off for us at home and check on us, she was like my son’s main comfort person when he transitioned back to the daycare after this surgery and being home all day with me. He was definitely able to transition back well because of Joy. Joy is definitely not the person who just there to ‘do a job. She is very caring, very personable and loving, she gets to know each child and remembers individual things about them.” - Cassie A.

“We have known Joy for a number of months now and met her through our son’s preschool. He is 3 years old and we met Joy just before he turned 3. She’s so good with him, constantly getting him outside, he just has the best time with her. My son truly likes her, and she seems to truly care about him. She always has his best interests in mind for example asking if he’s had sunscreen applied for the day before they go out to the park. She has done diapering as he is not potty trained yet, and has even given us several pointers with potty training that we are going to try.She has not performed driving for Marco but I would definitely trust her to drive him if we needed that done. Since COVID we haven’t had people around the house to the point it’s almost become awkward to have people in your home, you know what I mean? But Joy is just so easy to be around. I would recommend her to other parents, absolutely.” - Lyndsay S.