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Hi! My name is Kamile and I just finished my Bachelors Of Science at CU Boulder. I have spent a lot of my time teaching and volunteering with children and have worked with kids my whole life. I have also worked in healthcare and have my CNA license. I am also a fluent Lithuanian speaker. I am very excited for the opportunity to work with your family!

My experience includes:

  • Babysitting/Nanny for ages 2-14: activities included arts and crafts, going to the park and pool, doing homework and tutoring, outdoor time playing games and sports. 

  • Teacher for grades 1-8: taught Lithuanian language to 2nd and 3rd grade, in addition to being the music and dance teacher for grades 1-8. One of my favorite memories as a teacher was setting up and coordinating a holiday show with my students, which included costumes, theater, music, dancing, and crafting!

  • Camp Counselor for grades 2-10: worked with both younger and older children, creating outdoor activities, teaching classes, organizing sports and water games, putting on theater performances at a sleep-away camp. 

More about me... love biking, skiing, and swimming as well as reading and crafting. I have a passion for painting and baking. 


“Kamile worked as a babysitter for my two boys who were 2 and 4 at the time she started. She was with us from 2015 to 2018. Her work did also include driving my boys to activities. She was really responsible, always on time, dependable. She liked to bake a lot which was always fun, and we all loved her! She is amazing, it is my pleasure to recommend her and any parent who gets her will be lucky!” - Loretta J.

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Kamile. She was wonderful to work with! Kamile worked as a counselor for us at a Lithuanian Catholic Childrens’ camp and was responsible for the care and safety of a group of girls ranging from 7-14 children in a group. The kids ages at camp ranged from second grade to eighth grade. She was a stellar counselor and was invited back each year. She slept in the same bunk with the girls, navigated social and physical well-being opportunities and needs, worked as an assistant with teachers who led activities in the camp, developed and led creative, Lithuanian programs for camp fires, daily events, and evening programs. Kamile was extremely reliable. Her group was on time to their events, she was never late for a responsibility, and she stepped up / helped other counselors when she could. 


Kamile has such a positive nature! She brings a problem solving, can-do perspective, helping make sure that our work gets done, the kids have fun and are safe, and that the leaders of the camp have the assistance they need to implement the programs. I especially appreciated that she had the big picture in mind and could improvise to help us with needs that came up.​ Kamile was rated a favorite counselor at one of our training sessions, and her leadership inspired several girls from her group to pursue being counselors. I would absolutely recommend Kamile and would feel fortunate to have her working on a team." - Vida Z.