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I have 12 years of experience as a daycare provider for 1-3 families. I had been with the same family of 4 girls since the firstborn was 6 months old & I continued to nanny throughout each child’s life from infancy to current age. They are now 1, 6, 10, and 12 years old. I have loved them every step of the way! I have also been our neighborhood babysitter in my community for many years. I have always loved children, and yes mine grew up too fast!  But really they are our hope for a great future and we need to nurture them as much as possible! 

More about me...I am a wife of 22 years, with two sons ages 18 & 21!  I love spending time all together in the outdoors or camping. I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life and I am so happy to be living here still! I enjoy life surrounded by my family and friends and any activities we can do together! 


“I have known Kathleen (“Katie”) for 15 years and she sat and nannied for my two children. She helped me when my daughter was 1 (now 12) and then when my son was born from when he was 2-3 months old, very very young, until he began school (he is now 8). Katie has been my neighbor for these 15 years and she is the neighorhood sitter for everyone around us in Erie! So I have had many opportunities to observe her caring for not just my children but many other families in our area and she has great relationships with families and parents here. Everyone loves Katie. Something I think is particularly great about her is that you can really talk to her about anything when it comes to your kids. I think sometimes it can feel hard to have candid conversations with sitters and nannies, but with Katie it is always very natural and she has great communication with parents. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.” - Farrell B.

"Katie was our nanny from approximately 2010 when my first daughter was 6 months old to present day, 2022 and we now have 4 children. My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 1 year. We have had such a long working relationship not only because she was respectful and suited with how we wanted to raise our children but because we've also had a very mutually respectful working relationship and have been flexible to each other's ideas and schedule over the years. She has been with us full time for those years and there is not much Katie hasn't done at this point! I mean she's done it all. She is completely comfortable and has very strong skills with diapering, naps, bottles and solids. She probably single-handedly potty trained at least one of our children and the introduction of solids and new foods. She has driven them, cared for sick children, everything. The only reason for the change from being our nanny is that she is pursuing new career ideas after many years in childcare. Anybody would be very lucky to have her and I have only good things to say about her!" - Lindy K.