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Provider, Infant Care Specialization

My name is Katie and I am a kind hearted, gentle soul, adoring of babies and young children. I specialize in infant care, have 13+ years experience, wonderful references, and am soon to be fully vaccinated. During the week I am a nanny with a lovely family in town. During weeks that they travel I would love to support another family's temporary care needs. Although I love animals, I need to work in cat free homes due to allergies. 


My style of nannying is intuitive, loving, and nurturing. As a nanny I value my ability to be present, aware, and sensitively attuned; as well as my natural orientation to cherishing infants and children for who they are as their own beings. I strive to relate to a child's development and behavior with curiosity and compassion, while balancing guiding healthy boundaries and honoring a child's direct experience. I very much enjoy getting little ones out in nature and engaging playfully with them, as well as standing back and giving them safe space for independence and quiet moments to take in and process the life which they are constantly evolving their awareness of.


In choosing a new family to work for I like to look for parents who highly value their own relationships with their children, and who are seeking a nanny to supplement their roles in their children's lives. I value open communication with the parents, and enjoy collaborating with them in regards to the children's care, while prioritizing syncing my nannying with the their parenting styles so to help provide consistency and harmony in the home. I have great multi-tasking and varied house management skills, including tidying, organizing projects throughout the entire home, food prep and cooking, running errands, assisting with orders and returns, supporting new moms after they've given birth, and generally helping to create a smooth running home experience. While using these skills, I value focusing on being present and invested in caring for the children first and foremost.

Some of my favorite nanny memories are of witnessing infants develop. I have several memories of being there for different little ones as they took their first steps, and each of those memories feel magical in their own way. With one baby girl in particular I recall her standing at the edge of a gated play area, holding on to the gate, and she looked at me with this look of anticipation and pride and I intuitively knew she was about to take her first steps, which she did! She had a twin brother who was already taking steps, so I think she was prepped for the coming celebration!


More about my own time I love being in nature, hiking in the mountains, dabbling in pastel painting, cooking, exploring health, healing and inner growth, and spending time with my fiancé.


“Katie, you are extraordinary & a tenaciously hard worker. FAR more importantly; you care for [my son] in a magical way. You are such a blessing for him. You have nurtured him, transformed our home, organized our lives, instituted order amidst supreme chaos, & lovingly cared for me in all stages of my postpartum journey. You have held space & tidied space & created space. You are also a compassionate and trustworthy friend and confidante; I’m so fortunate to have shared so much over the past 8 months with you since my son's birth. You are a gift & an exemplary employee. As I’ve stated many, many times before, I am endlessly grateful for you & your presence in our lives.” - Shannon C.D.

Katie was a stellar nanny for us. She was with us for a year, and that only changed due to COVID and all the changes families had to make with that. She cared for our 3 kids who were all under age 5 at that time! Ages 6 months, 2.5, and 4. She has incredible patience and kindness. She also helped us to keep things in order around the house. Overall I could not recommend Katie any higher." - Kristen R.

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