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I worked as a full time nanny and sitter to a family with six kids for over two years, age ranges 7 months to 16 years old (ages 16,13,9,7,4 and 7 months). Their 6th child was born during my time with the family. I also nannied for over a year with a family with two children ages 5 and 7. I worked as a tutor and mentor with sixth to eighth grade students through Americorps and a youth program in my native state of Oklahoma. I also worked for over a year as an operations host and events coordinator at a large city park complex in Oklahoma. The park hosted many youth and family events, and a wide variety of activities. I have experience working in the summer at a sleep away/overnight camp in New Mexico for middle schoolers and young adults with disabilities.

I believe that if we invest in kids now, that is investing in us too later. Children will become adults in the world making decisions about our future. Give them the attention and all the love that they deserve now, to help them grow. I have always loved working with children and families as long as I can remember. I love building relationships with families and watching them grow and bond. You get to see a baby or very young child begin to show you their personality and it is amazing. As a nanny I value routine and organization, either through helping a family to establish this or by supporting the routine they have developed. I also know that life with children can be unpredictable so as a nanny you need to have some flexibility while remaining stable. I am seeking a full time position that is hopefully long term and would love the opportunity to grow with a new nanny family. 

More about me...I recently moved to Colorado from Oklahoma with my cat. I love to be outside and experiencing nature. I have always loved working with children and families as long as I can remember. One of my biggest dreams in life is to eventually be a mom, so having opportunities to work in my strengths as a nanny is so precious to me. 



“Kelsea was our nanny and sitter for a period of two years and she is absolutely fabulous. We were so sad to lose her when it came time for her to move on. We have 6 children, my oldest is almost 16 and my youngest is 7 months. (The range is 16,13,9,7,4 and 7 months old.) Kelsea is very competent, definitely, with diapers, bottles and nap routines. She is extremely dependable. She drove our kids to various activities, she was very good with that and very good with switching gears to each child’s needs throughout the week. She was very flexible and accommodating. I was finishing my graduate degree at that time and she was very helpful with managing everything. Kelsea is very easy to communicate with and very respectful. She is very adaptable to a family’s needs and reads situations very well. She is wonderful at teaching toddlers and young children skills and helping with their development. I definitely want to help her as a reference because she was so helpful and fantastic to our family. We’d be happy to help her however we can.” - Maggie P.

“I supervised Kelsea from 2021 until 2022 when she moved to Colorado. We were working at a public events center in Oklahoma that is an outdoor riverfront park. She was responsible for event prep, scheduling and monitoring. Age range was about ages 3 to 14 and she interacted with 8-12 children at a time. Kelsea was really reliable. She was really outgoing and really interactive with the team and with kids. I would say one of her biggest strengths was really being a morale booster for everyone. She is a positive person and a very kind person. I would recommend her to work with parents and kids, definitely.” - Chris A.

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