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Sorry Board Game


I am a student at CU. I have been babysitting for about 7 to 8 years now and have worked with kids ranging from 4-5 months to 14 years old. I have also volunteered with children and families since 2019, including volunteerism in therapeutic horseback riding and working with teenage parents and their young children. I have volunteered with up to 10 children at a time and especially enjoy making crafts and art projects with these groups. 


I have a passion for childcare and enjoy working with kids. I like to keep optimistic and use positive reinforcements when working with children. I am a big fan of board games when it comes to indoor activities, and as much as possible I enjoy getting kids outside. I like making park "checklists" to explore the many fun playgrounds and parks of the area, and if it is summer one of my favorites activities with kids is the pool. I also enjoy working with older children on skills such as assisting with chores and developing independence. 

Other facts about me...I am an ardent animal lover, leading to my vegetarianism for nearly 11 years now. I also rode horses for upwards of a decade and truly enjoy working with them. Additionally, I participated in competitive speech and debate for three years in school, competing in three different events, all of which I loved. I am a huge art fan, whether it is creating art or admiring another artist's works it is another passion of mine.


“Libby is great! My two boys (6 and 9) love her. They were 3 and 6 when she began and over the past two years she has done date nights, weekends, after school care, and she also assisted us during COVID school closures. We trust her with bedtime, bath time, making dinner and meals, and she is always coming up with fun games and activities for them and they love it. She is flexible, easy to work with, and always willing to help out where she can. I would absolutely recommend her.”  - Lindsey H.

“Libby is great and I would gladly refer her to any parent! She’s watched my kids from early infancy and toddlerhood, from as early as 4 months, and my oldest is now 5 years old. She’s done diapers and bottles and everything that goes with it! I’ve never had any concern at all, and she’s also very willing to help out however we need. She’s super easy going. She always engages with the kids, and that’s one thing I know for sure because my kids always love it when she’s coming over. They tell me all about the fun they had with her, and they always ask when she’s coming back!”  - Abby B.

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