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I live in Longmont with my husband and two sons. My husband is a teacher and my sons are in 5th and 8th grade. I have been a direct care provider for 30 years working with young and old. I love working with children, and have been working locally as a nanny since my sons began grade school.


Care giving is my life. As a nanny I believe that everyday is a new day to explore and grow, and there is always room to learn new and exciting things! I make it a point to follow the guidance of what parents want and need. Safety is my main priority. I am a fan of the "Love and Logic" approach to help young children learn and make healthy choices. I also love imaginative play, cooking together, and singing. 


I have many decades of experience caring for and teaching children from newborn to teen. I was also a live-in nanny for eight years, prior to moving to Colorado. I was also was a long term nanny for a family who had three children, ages newborn to 3 years old! I have worked in an after school YMCA program as a ropes course facilitator, and have led many outdoor trips with teens through the YMCA Summer camp program. Before I had my own children,  I was a live-in residential counselor managing a group home for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. I worked for 12 years for a local group in Lafayette that serves families of children with developmental disabilities. 


In 2020, pandemic school closures resulted in my temporary transition back to stay-at-home mom. Now that my sons have safely returned to in-person learning and I am confident that it is safe, I am once again available to do the work I love.  I work as a nanny and have some days and evenings to help support other families in our area, including household management if needed. I would describe myself as dependable, honest, fun, hard-working, a good listener, and kind. I look forward to providing a fun, safe environment for your children. 

A few other fun facts about me...I am easy going, I am an animal over, I love reading, and I love being a mom! I enjoy being creative, spending time in the outdoors, and I love adventure. Going skiing is a big part of my family's life in the winter. In the summer we love to visit family on the East Coast, and spend time at the beach. I love being outdoors! 


"We met Lisa for childcare when our daughter was 22 months and she's now almost 7 years old. Lisa is the person you want in your corner as a parent. She just gets it, I don't even have to tell her what I need. I joke that we are 'Boulder' people, meaning we did cloth diapering, made fresh baby food, breastfed to age two - and I felt like Lisa was totally welcoming and accepting of our preferences. Very calm, very positive and welcoming person. She's dealt with bottles, tantrums, pickups, dropoffs. She's dealt with poop situations. She has that parent instinct to know when a child is coming down with something. Nothing phases her. We are pretty anxious parents honestly, we really don't trust many people with our child, and we completely trust Lisa with our daughter. She took our daughter on these amazing outdoor adventures in Boulder, she is huge on getting kids outdoors. She helps with everything, I wouldn't expect a nanny to do all of the things she did, from cleaning to organizing - AND she's a great cook! " Tarah W.

"When I met Lisa we had a very young infant, practically still a newborn, and a 3 year old, so not an easy nanny position to say the least! Lisa is incredibly capable, I had so much trust in her to take care of even my youngest as an infant. She is a parent herself and you can tell she gets it, she understands how to be helpful. If you can work with Lisa I 100% recommend it." Marianne T.