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Bilingual Provider

Hello my name is Maria! My biggest priority is making children feel safe and loved in my care. I am originally from Mexico, I am bilingual and love teaching Spanish to the kids I care for, and I am a mother to three girls. My passion lies in teaching and caring for children and is what I have been doing for over 25 years. Experience includes: 

  • 25 years of daycare 

  • 10 years of nannying infants to toddlers 

  • Great track record of long term nannying commitments 

  • Infant room supervisor 2010-2012 (children's learning center in Broomfield) 

  • Weekend babysitter for 5 years with infants and toddlers 

  • Mom of three adult children

  • ABC Nannies (Denver) - Nanny Of The Year 2014

  •  Home Educator with Catholic Charities 2003-2008: provided education and parental guidance on how to care for children, primarily 0-3 years old, and ensure safety around the home.  Helped parents enroll in GED programs. 

More about me... in my free time I love to spend time with my family and my dogs. I love hiking!



“Maria worked as our nanny from when my son was about 6 months old to preschool. He is 5 1/2 years old now and we still keep in touch for babysitting. She is one of the warmest most caring people that I know. She really gives her heart and her caring to any child she is watching and to their family as well. My son loves her. They have a special bond. He does see her as a person with authority but has also come to see her as a friend over the years. He loves to talk with her and tell her about his day. She has a lot more energy than we do as tired parents! She is always on time, always reliable, she’s here when she says she’s going be. She’ll give us a head up with more than enough time to plan ahead if anything at all comes up, we may have had a cancellation once in over 5 years of knowing her. I would absolutely recommend Maria to any parent in fact I’ve found it hard to have other sitters than Maria because we just have come to trust her so much and she is so great with our son. I don’t think any family would have a hard time warming up to Maria right away and being really happy with her care of their children.”  - Laura M.

“Maria (“Maggie”) was our wonderful nanny for two years and started shortly after our daughter was born. She did laundry, sterilized bottles, tidied the kitchen, she was always helping out. I am a super clean person and Maggie is unbelievable when it comes to that side of the job. She is awesome at that stuff. We wanted our daughter to have a lot of early childhood learning opportunities and Maggie would take her to music class, events at the library, the park, she spoke Spanish with our daughter and practiced things like colors and shapes. She is a very nurturing person. She has raised 3 children of her own and she really brings a lot of energy and caring to every child she works with. We know other families she has helped and they have had the same great experience. She maintains great relationships and I think that says a lot about the type of employee she is. My daughter is now 4 and Maggie is still a special person to her. Any family would be so happy with her work, I truly believe.” - Erin K.

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