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Image by Markus Spiske


I've been sitting and nannying as long as I can remember. In early high school I started sitting in my neighborhood for some extra spending money, which evolved into nannying and sitting to pay my way through college.


After graduating I became an environmental educator with a children's ecology and outdoors program in North Boulder. I taught kids age 3-13 (mostly 3-8 yo) environmental curriculum and a lot of hands on activities revolving around our honeybees and farm animals. During my time there I had the opportunity to teach various field trips and school days off for elementary aged children. Part of our curriculum was taking the children to see our goats or dressing them in little bee keeper suits and taking them into seeing the hives. Being able to share a lot of first time experiences with children interacting with nature around them is a beautiful experience to be a part of. I love all that you can learn from working with children-- their humor, their ability to adjust to their surroundings, and their unbiased view of the world around us! They also remind us how important it is to nurture our inner child.

I graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in May of 2021 with a Bachelors degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I'm hoping to go to graduate school in Fall 2022 and get an MS in Sustainable Food Systems and Food Science. My interests lie in Urban Ag, city green spaces, and the interconnectedness of social and environmental justice.


When I'm not working...I love snowboarding, climbing, yoga, and hanging out with my 11 year old black lab! 


“Megan was our regular sitter for several years and summer and started when my children were 4 and 7. My kids were absolutely obsessed with Megan! She taught my girls new games I’d never even thought of, they were always playing and having fun. My youngest isn’t the biggest fan of sitters and she would get so excited when Megan was coming. Megan is very trustworthy, I would trust her to drive my children, and she also housesat and pet sat for us. She was reliably on time and kept good communication about the schedule. She was very good about keeping things tidied and putting things away even when we had not asked. She is seriously one of the best babysitters we’ve ever had.” - Lesley B. 

“Megan is phenomenal, I could go on and on about her. She was an intern with the environmental education summer internship I manage in Boulder. She co-taught groups and field trips, and also did solo teaching for up to 30 children in a classroom program. I frequently observed her with coworkers, peers and children. She works in a team really well, and she definitely appreciates one-on-one time with kids and gets on a kid’s level. Both physically and emotionally she is getting down to their eye level, and also thinking about things from their perspective. She was able to very effectively learn how to teach varying age groups, able to adapt  lessons and conversations from kindergartners one day to 5th graders the next day. She cares a lot about her work with children and is so reliable, I would say that anyone would be very lucky to work with her.” - Megan R. 

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