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Provider, Montessori Teacher

I am a Montessori teacher with a Montessori teaching credential through a program in Colorado. I have been working in this field since 1995. I currently work with a Montessori in Boulder County and float in the toddler and infant classrooms. I would love to combine part time work as a nanny with my teaching schedule, or fully transition as a nanny with a family if it is a good fit for all. 

My experience in this field also includes working as an assistant preschool teacher. I completed internship work in Colorado and worked as an after school program instructor in Castle Rock, CO. 

Before going into teaching, I studied Therapeutic Recreation in Massachusetts and I hold a Bachelors of Science degree. Multicultural education and inclusion of children with disabilities were an important part of my studies.


I am originally from New England. I came out to the West Coast to become a certified yoga instructor, and found my way to Boulder. I also have a certification in massage therapy. I have always been very active & interested in healthful living, and I enjoy spending a lot of time in nature. I incorporate that into my work with children. I grew up playing a lot of tennis, and my childhood home was in an area with a lot of farms.


Fun facts about me...I enjoy healthy cooking, painting, and walking outdoors in nature. I care deeply about my community and the families who live in it. I have a daughter in college and a son in high school whom I treasure! (This is also relevant to my work as a nanny, as I have raised children through all of the stages/transitions of childhood, to teen, and on to early adulthood.)


"I would be happy to be a reference for Michelle! We worked together at a Montessori in Boulder in the toddler classrooms and some time in the infant classrooms. Michelle is just wonderful with kids and I miss working with her (I am now a nanny). A group of active young children at a school can be a lot, it can be intense and Michelle never gets overwhelmed. She's fantastic with kids, she has the best patience and her Montessori training would make her a very desirable sitter or nanny for a family in Boulder." - Tracy S. 

“I met Michelle when she was completing her Montessori teacher training and I was a student at the same school. I’ve known her for years. She is a trustworthy reliable person and a natural with kids. We even took our kids to the playground together and so I’ve observed her around a lot of children at play as well just only the classroom setting. I would describe her as incredibly calm and soft spoken and patient. As a parent of two myself, I would hire Michelle to care for my own kids if I needed a nanny.” - Julia A.