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Each candidate is CPR Certified, experienced, provides references and completes interview, background & DMV check.


TIME SAVINg & informative


We are locally founded and owned in Boulder County. You receive help and advice from people who understand our market. 

Our service gives you back time and energy. We take on the task of recruiting and contract preparation. We can refer you to payroll & employer resources.

We call this community home and may be your neighbors. Our local reputation matters to us and we know the area.

Terms of Service: About
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Babysitters Of Boulder is a professional staffing agency registered with the state of Colorado. We help parents hire in-home employees. Parents who hire a nanny become employers which means that the parent will be subject to state and federal employment laws, IRS payroll requirements, and offering employee benefits. We provide a comprehensive industry standard contract that addresses the many details of hiring an in-home employee. We can direct you to resources on federal and state wage law, payroll and tax obligations. A great connection between a family and a nanny comes from:

  • a reasonably consistent work schedule

  • defined expectations & duties 

  • complimentary work styles/workplace values

  • a well written contract

  • mutual respect for each other's time

  • mutual respect for each other's health and wellbeing 

  • regular & honest communication about the work, and

  • appropriate boundaries and professionalism from both parties 

How Do We Approach Nanny Placement?

What Are The Going Rates In Our Area?

Nannies with 1-2 years of experience can expect to start at $22.00 to $25.00/hour. An experienced nanny with 5+ years of experience can expect to earn $28.00 to $35.00/hour depending on number of children, age, twins/multiples, and the benefits package. The nanny's hourly pay is one of several financial obligations a parent has. The parent will have state and federal obligations for employer taxes, and typically will engage a professional payroll service to safely and securely oversee their employee's payroll and withholdings. See more about typical hourly rates below: 

  • Full Time Nanny (32+ Hours/Week): $25.00 to $35.00+/Hour (based on experience)

  • Part Time Nanny (20 to 30 Hours/Week): $25.00 to $35.00+/Hour (based on experience)

  • Very Part Time (Less Than 20 Hours/Week): $29.00 to $35.00/Hour (offer more to make the commitment & the commute sustainable)

  • Summer Nanny: $25.00 to $30.00/Hour (summer nannies may be students with a few years experience, or experienced K-12 teachers) 

  • Newborn Specialist/Young Infant Specialist: Typically $32.00+/Hour (newborn specialists set their own rates) 

  • Home Manager: $32.00 to $40.00/Hour (based on duties & benefits package)

What Benefits Do I Need To Offer? 




  • all of the above, and

  • deduction of employee's paid leave premiums per Colorado's FAMLI Leave law (Learn more here: 5 Things Nannies And Their Employer Should Know about FAMLI

  • agreement to use legal pay, payroll and W-2 (industry standard; many nannies require that the employer use a payroll service to prevent errors) 

  • PTO: 1 week for every 6 months of the contract (becomes available 30 days after start date & requires proper notice to use) 

  • annual cost of living increase (based on inflation rate) 

  • one week of bereavement leave

  • required for full time placements: enroll nanny in an employer healthcare plan after first 30 days or make a monthly contribution to nanny's health insurance plan (your payroll service can help) - the contribution amount is negotiable and is typically $200.00 to $350.00/month; for part time long term placement this benefit is negotiable/optional

  • optional benefits to offer: an annual or holiday bonus, cell phone stipend, 401K contribution, tuition support, gym membership, etc. 

GUARANTEED HOURS ensure that your employee receives a consistent paycheck. For example, your nanny is hired for 32 hours/week but sometimes grandparents visit and you need the nanny for fewer hours. During the holidays or a vacation you might not need your nanny's service at all. In these instances, your nanny will still be paid for 32 hours/week. Families cannot "bank" these paid hours to use later because that is illegal.

W-2 AND LEGAL PAYROLL. You should use a legal payroll and W-2 for your own peace of mind and because it is the law. Many nannies require that an employer use a 3rd party payroll provider who is insured and licensed, to avoid errors, to keep current with state and federal laws/changes, and to protect the nanny's sensitive personal data. 

THE NANNY CONTRACT We provide an industry standard nanny employment contract. Using this contract is required so that we can provide your Replacement Credit Guarantee (see below). This gives you back the time and energy spent drafting a contract and sorting out the many details of hiring an in-home employee. It is a neutral tool to consult if questions or concerns come up. The contract outlines:

Step 1: Consult & Retainer

We offer a complimentary consult and listen carefully to your needs to determine if we can help. You will have two options: 

  • Active Recruitment. To recruit applicants specifically for your family, we collect a $500.00 recruitment retainer (nonrefundable; credited to your invoice when you hire a nanny). Plan on about 5-6 weeks to recruit and hire a nanny, though sometimes the process calls for 6-8 weeks. You may meet up to five candidates. You will be able to trial each candidate for 3 days (you must pay the candidate for hours worked). 

  • Passive Recruitment. If you do not wish to recruit, we may be able to post your request to our job board for $75.00. Our vetted team will be able to view your job. We post jobs on a case-by-case basis based on the likelihood that we can fill the position.

Recruitment includes completing every applicant's background check and DMV record, verifying references, CPR certification, COVID vaccine card, valid license and current car insurance. We verify these items before we introduce an applicant to your family.  

Step 2: Interviews & Trial Days

We require that a candidate and a client complete a minimum of one working interview day (trial day) together before signing a contract: 

  • Active Recruitment. If you purchased a $500.00 recruitment, you will be able to trial each candidate as part of your purchase. You must pay the candidate for their time at the hourly wage range listed in your position description.  We recommend 1-2 days for part time or short term nanny positions and 2-3 days for long term positions. A candidate may have a job and be available for trial on evenings or weekends. 

  • Passive Recruitment. If you are meeting with current members of our team, we book trial days in the same way as we book babysitting bookings. Each day is purchased at $21.95/day and you will pay the candidate the hourly wage you plan to use if you hire the candidate. 

Step 3: Contract & Comission Payment 

Your commission payment becomes due when the candidate accepts your job offer. We will then draft your contract, assist with questions and review, and ensure that it is signed electronically by both parties when you are ready. 

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  • 1 Year Full Time Nanny: 5 weeks of nanny's gross base pay 

  • 1 Year Part Time Nanny (less than 32 hours/week): 5 weeks of nanny's gross base pay, minimum commission $1,500.00

  • Home Manager: 5 weeks of employee's gross base pay 

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  • Commission 15% of nanny's gross anticipated wage

  • Summer Nanny - $1,500.00 (Late May to Mid August)

This price applies to all needs that exceed 4 weeks and are less than 1 year.

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Temporary needs of 2 to 4 weeks are invoiced $30.00/day. Temporary nanny contract preparation is required if needs exceed 15 hours a week. 


  • completion of your candidate's vetting package and in-house reference checks

  • industry standard nanny contract agreement, preparation and contract Docusign 

  • referral to payroll resources

  • prorated referral credit for an alternate candidate, in the event that your working relationship with your first nanny ends any time prior to your contract end date. Applies to 1 year contracts. Other terms apply.


If you need to end a contract earlier than planned, you will provide two weeks notice or two weeks severance pay to your nanny (or pay their remaining time if it's less than 2 weeks). The state of Colorado will most likely consider your nanny your employee. Be advised that laying off an employee can result in the employee having an unemployment claim with the Colorado Department of Labor.

Guaranteed Hours
Pricing/Finder's Commission
Nanny Replacement Credit
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