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Nann Request Form

Serving Boulder, Broomfield, Westminster, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Niwot, Erie and Arvada!
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is due to inquire. We do not place split shift (AM and PM) nannies.  To recruit a nanny, you will need to become a registered client. Register here.

I Am:
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The 15 questions below help us to understand your needs and make matches accurately. Filling temporary/short term requests is dependent on available staff. For other nanny recruitment, please allow 4 to 6 weeks.

Seeking Nanny For (please note we do not place "split shift" AM/PM nannies)

Your nanny will be your employee. The IRS may require you to provide a W-2. It is important to maintain a performance review record and to know your responsibilities and your rights as an employer. 

I agree to use payroll and W-2 for positions longer than temporary help:
Payroll and W-2 Service:
My Agency Payment Will Be (no payment due to submit this application):
What Duties Do You Need A Nanny To Perform?
Range Of Hourly Pay You Are Prepared To Offer (Nannies Cannot Be Paid Salary):
Competitive Benefits Are Vital To A Strong Applicant Pool. Select The Benefits You Are Prepared To Offer:
Which FIVE (5) Traits Are The Most Important For Your Nanny To Have?
COVID Vaccine:
How Would You Describe Your Family's Lifestyle & Values?

I attest that all information in my registration is true and accurate. By submitting this application, I agree to the agency's nanny placement terms and Service Agreement. Sign below by moving your mouse on the line to draw your signature.

Thank You, Application Received!

Nanny Request Form
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