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I love being able to help kids grow and learn, and help families take the load off of their backs by helping out with household tasks. In addition to my childcare experience I have caregiving and planning experience from my work as an activities director with a senior living community. 


I have held several caregiving and home services positions, and I find in-home childcare to be the most fulfilling by far. It makes my day to know that I have helped a family and really made a difference for them. I'm very creative and artsy as well and I like to use that in my childcare work. 


I have experience with all ages, including newborns, and the majority of my paid childcare experience is with ages 1 to 6. I also have significant experience nannying for infants and toddlers with physical and developmental special needs. 


I worked as a regular nanny and sitter for a little girl from when she was 9 months old to 3 years of age. I was responsible for preparing bottles of pumped milk, solid foods, diapering, naps and bath time. I worked at Children’s Hospital as a pediatric phlebotomist, where my job was to draw blood and take vitals for children from ages newborn to 18. This included drawing blood and taking vitals for newborns in the NICU and PICU. My caregiving experience includes work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility. Since moving to Colorado, I also occasionally babysit for my coworker's 3 year old daughter. 

Other fun facts about me...I moved to Colorado from Nebraska in March 2021! Ever since moving here, I’ve done 2 fourteeners and countless amounts of hikes! I also play the violin. 


“Natalie was my daughter’s consistent weekly sitter from when she was about 9 months to about 3 years old while I was getting my nursing license. She is honestly one of the best babysitter experiences I think I’ve ever had. My daughter felt very comfortable with her. She was happy and fed when I came home, had a bath, and Natalie had even tidied up the house for me. It was so nice. I breastfed and pumped and Natalie was very good about ensuring the milk was properly stored, only defrosted right before use, warmed up properly, and all that. She was so reliable, always on time, we never had any issue at all. She was also flexible if my training program ran late. I would definitely recommend her.” - Tifanie C.

“I am a head pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital (Nebraska) and worked with Natalie during her time as a pediatric care technician. Natalie built relationships with people and did a great job with building trust and working together. When I delegated work to her, she would always follow through. I had many opportunities to observe her working with children and performing her phlebotomy work in the pediatric wings. She made it as positive experience as possible and that is not easy to do, because when children come to our hospital obviously they aren't feeling good at all and this is an unfamiliar place. I would not have any concerns at all with Natalie caring for my own children.” - Erin M. 

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