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I have over 15 years of experience working with kids between the ages of 0 and 14. I taught at a nature based preschool for several years (and planned and implemented curriculum there), an outdoor school for 6 months, and I worked with children on the spectrum for one year.  I worked as a nanny for two families for 6 months prior to relocating from the Bay Area (CA) to Colorado to pursue my graduate degree. 

  • Nanny (Private Families) - Spring to Summer 2022: nannied for two families full time, M-F. Cared for a little one who was 9 months old when I started & went on nature hikes and picnics, to the beach, and to local parks. I cared for two siblings, 8 months and 25 months when I started, and went on walks to local parks in, provided care, food, and a child-led and play based approach to learning.

  • Preschool Teacher - Spring to Summer 2021: co-taught and co-facilitated a group of 10 preschoolers in a moving outdoor classroom in the Presidio. The children were 3-4 years old. I wrote reflections and curriculum, working from a Reggio Emilia framework.

  • Master Teacher - 2014 to 2019: worked with a variety of age groups and at two locations as a caregiver and preschool teacher. I worked for one year in the infant classroom, for approximately one year in the 2-3 year old classroom, and the rest of the time at the north campus, Discovery School. I planned Reggio Emilia based curriculum, set up outdoor and indoor classrooms, wrote curriculum and reflections to parents, and provided professional nonviolent communication meditation and skills to my students.

More about me...I am originally from New Mexico, and I am a graduate student studying counseling in Boulder, Colorado. I am an artist and a life-long learner. I believe that play is a child's way of learning, and I deeply believe that children deserve respect and kindness. 


"I met ​Niko through a parenting Facebook group and they became my son's nanny for the next 6 months until it came time for their move for graduate school. I feel so fortunate I met them. I am self employed and have a lot of Zoom calls and phone calls and I needed space and quiet to perform that. Niko would take my son out to parks and adventures, they went to local parks and museums and did a lot of hiking and picnicking and exploring parks and trails and some trips to the beach. I was worried about napping and nursing because at that time my son would only nap after nursing or in a hiking carrier or a stroller. Niko would take him hiking for his nap! They were very active with my son, and were accommodating to my schedule as much as possible, which I really appreciated. I describe myself as one of those"woo-woo parents of San Francisco," meaning I did baby led weaning, longer term breastfeeding, attachment parenting. Things I think are important for my son and healthy, but aren't the mainstream way of doing things I guess. I let my child take reasonable risks, do a lot of sensory learning, playing outside in the dirt, and a lot of opportunities to experiment in the world around him. I was also a first time parent and I felt like I had a lot of “new parent rules” for example my baby is a redhead so I was very serious about sunscreen, long sleeves, hat all the time, etc. Niko never once gave me a hard time about anything! I felt so comfortable being able to parent in the way I felt was important, with the values I want to impart to my son, without judgement. If I was describing Niko's work to another parent I would tell them that I had no cares in the world, I knew without a doubt that my son would be safe, fed, and totally healthy and happy in Niko's care.” - Felicia K.

“We loved having Niko as our nanny and the kids still talk about them! So nice having someone we could really trust. We were only sad when the time came for Niko to relocate for school in Colorado though obviously we were happy for their opportunity. One thing I really remember is when Niko first met my children ( 8 months and 2 years old at that time), my youngest was especially shy and crying and Niko sang to them as a way to connect initially and it had such a calming effect on my youngest. Niko is a very gentle person and really has such an interest in connecting with children in a genuine way, has a real consideration for a child's feelings and is not about conforming a child to be a certain way.They are also really good at communicating with a parent, and keep the children active. To me the biggest thing was that my kids often woke up and asked me if Niko was coming that day, and that’s how I knew my kids were having a really good experience. Niko was very competent at taking care of them on all levels as far as preparing their basic meals (breakfast & lunch), diaper changes, taking them to play outside and being active with them, and sometimes helping them with bedtime/our date nights or helping us get the children ready for an event. I think the next family Niko works with will be very lucky.” - Kate D.