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I have worked with, taught and cared for children for much of my life. I love kids and enjoy leading by example. I feel that as an educator and a caretaker, it is important to let children explore with our guidance and under our supervision. When I work with children, I celebrate even with their little successes. When a child tries something new or puts great effort into something, I like to say, "You must be so proud of yourself!" I like to help build a child's healthy self-confidence, to be proud of themselves versus trying to make me proud or to make others proud. 

I also enjoy cooking, baking, and caring for families. Cooking and sharing meals are a very important part of my upbringing, and I would love to share this with a family. I am a healthy cook and children's nutrition is important to me. As a caretaker I take great pride in ensuring that a healthy fun day includes healthful meals. I am also very willing and capable to assist with other needs in a family's home such as laundry and home management needs. I am a big planner and an organized person. I like to plan my week and would bring this same planning to my work with a family, organizing children's activities and their week. At the same time, I have flexibility for family's schedules and changing needs. I also speak several languages. My native language is Hebrew, I am a fluent English speaker, and I also speak Spanish. My references describe me as very punctual, dependable, caring and organized - and a great cook!

Much of my infant experience comes from caring for my twin niece and nephew every day for nearly three years. Caring for twin babies, I have seen it all. I have seen every day of a newborn's life from first day, every development stage growing and learning over the months, and toddlerhood. I am completely comfortable and experienced with newborns and with babies of all ages. I have also worked as a nanny and sitter to children 1 through 7 years of age, including 7 year old twins. I love to do cooking and art projects with children, and especially love to get them outside to play and exercise. I am also experienced with driving children to activities and doing the school pick ups and drop offs. I am highly experienced in First Aid and CPR technique. I worked for many years as a youth instructor and volunteer with Israel's national emergency center. 


Some fun facts about me...I have been busy decorating my new home in Boulder! I also love hiking and the outdoors. 


"I'll tell you what, Nofar is an absolute gem. And an amazing cook! When I met Nofar my children were 1 year and 2 years old. Very young! Nofar can handle absolutely anything. She is also such a planner, she always has an organized plan. And I loved that I never had to tell her what to do and instruct. She understood what was needed. And I'll tell you, I have had bad experiences with sitters and nannies and Nofar is completely different from that in every way. Any parent who gets her will be so lucky. She is absolutely the best." - Moriel M.

"Nofar cared for my baby ( 9 months old now) when she was even younger. She took care of the baby during the day so that I could do other activities with my other child who is older (28 months). Nofar was perfect and I trust her completely. She has become a friend. I live in LA, so the only hard thing is I cannot have Nofar babysit for me since she relocated to Colorado. I wish I could have her come to babysit every week!" - Meshi F.