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Each team member is kind, patient & capable. Each team member is CPR Certified, vaccinated, interviewed, and complete reference check,  background & DMV check.

We are locally founded & owned. We provide responsive help. and we strive to provide replacement in the very rare event that a sitter must cancel.

Our service gives you back your time and energy. We do all the recruiting, vetting and scheduling of your sitters. We can even help with children's laundry and the dishwasher.

be local. buy local.

We call this community home and may be your neighbors. We provide childcare & safety education for our team and we take pride in our work. 

How do I join? 

1. Complete new family registration here and read our Policies For Parents. We do not have renewal fees and registration is $25.00.

2. You will receive your welcome email immediately. Within 72 hours you will receive your request to electronically sign the Service Agreement you read and agreed to during registration (required). 

3. After signing this, you can book babysitters. We take bookings and payments through our convenient automated system! To ask about a nanny search with us please call (303) 749.1168, email us or read our nanny placement guide

How do you vet sitters? We personally interview every applicant and verify two references, background check, driving record, current car insurance and valid license. Every member of our team is required to have the COVID vaccine (medical/religious exemption honored), current CPR certification, and a least 3 years of childcare and/or early education experience. We highly value caregivers who are kind, patient and dependable. 


Are all the babysitters women? No, we are an equal opportunity agency. Our caregiver team includes men, transgender men and women, and nonbinary people. Babysitters may claim any booking requests for which they are qualified. If there is a religious reason or other specific and nondiscriminatory reason that only female babysitters can enter your home, you must let us know in advance. 

What are the sitters' hourly rates? We have standardized hourly rates and we start at $25.00/hour for up to 2 siblings. These set rates apply to babysitting requests, and may increase once per year depending on inflation, cost of living etc. View current nanny rates in our area here.


How do I pay my babysitter? Pay your sitter directly in full  at the end of your booking before they leave. All babysitters accept cash and most prefer Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, etc. 

I just need my child quickly dropped off at school or at an activity. Is that a service you do? We do not - however there is a Denver/Boulder Metro service that does, HopSkipDrive. Our service is ideal for date nights, weekends, backup care & occasional babysitting needs with a 3-hour minimum. We can also help with family errands, house sitting and pet sitting.

What is the purpose of the cancellation fee? A babysitter's time has value. We attract great caregivers by offering them competitive hourly rates and cancellation pay guarantees. We know you will love the results: kind, reliable and vetted sitters at your home when you need us. The advance cancellation policy reduces cancellations and it encourages babysitters to promptly accept bookings placed farther in advance.


When agencies advertise "one convenient flat rate" to parents, it means their profits are taken from the worker's hourly pay. The best babysitters won't participate in that. We have a separate agency booking charge because we want the best team. 

I am visiting from out of town, do you have cribs or strollers? Rent locally in nearby Broomfield, CO, with Amy Mahan with Baby Quip.

Do you care for children with autism? We do have some team members with experience caring for children with autism. Not all team members are qualified which may reduce the pool of caregivers available. You can also contact Specialized Sitters (based in Denver). If you have questions please call (303) 749.1168 or email


Are there contracts? We use a standard contract for bookings that exceed 2 weeks. This is considered a temporary nanny. 

Is there an additional price for short notice bookingsYes, booking care with less than 24 hours notice is an additional $15.00, which is $36.95/booking. Give us your request and take a breather! We will do all the work of calling and texting the sitter pool.

How do I hire my temp nanny as my permanent nanny? Any caregiver you meet through us will be hired through us. We will prepare your contract agreement. Our agency commission pricing detail are available here.  

What's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter? A babysitter comes for things like date nights or backup care and has no long term agreement with your family. A nanny works a specific recurring schedule for your family, with an employment contract, a W-2 and benefits. A nanny is not a housekeeper, a dog walker or a personal assistant, although some nannies will perform these duties for added pay.


How much should I expect to pay a nanny? Before the pandemic and recent inflation, the average starting wage was $20.00 to $22.00/hour. In 2022, expect to offer an experienced nanny $28.00 and $32.00 an hour, possibly more depending on the schedule you need, the job duties and the benefits package. This rate range applies to experienced nannies i.e. it would not necessarily apply to jobs such as part time after school care that can be performed by a high school student or a college undergrad. See our nanny rates and required benefits here.

What will a nanny do while my child naps? Your nanny will:

  • be the responsible adult at home who is checking your child's monitor

  • take a 15 minute paid break or a 30 minute paid lunch break if they work 5+ hours during the shift 

  • perform child-related tasks such as: fold children's laundry, wash bottles/children's dishes, sanitize/organize toys, tidy kids' craft supplies, sort clothes your child grew out of, and plan learning activities/outings for your child


Some nannies will complete family laundry or prep family meals and that usually calls for a higher hourly rate. These are family assistant tasks. It's a common misconception that nannies should "stay busy" with other housekeeping or cooking while a child naps. Some nannies do enjoy organizing and projects. That said, your home is simply the childcare workplace where your child's caregiver comes to do their childcare work. Great nannies are not necessarily cooks or home organizers. If you are in need of more support you can definitely consider speaking with your nanny about becoming the family assistant. 

Encourage breaks, rest and lunches. Understand that your nanny might start their break and then need to attend your child multiple times, so they will try again later to finish that partial break or lunch. This means that you may see your nanny appear to have lunch twice or take several breaks. You as the employer want to foster an environment of trust and professionalism where your employee can be responsible for their own breaks and monitor their own energy levels. Caring for children calls for emotional energy, vigilance creativity, planning, patience and physical strength. It is wonderful work that is also very tiring and each day is different. Ensuring that someone else's child is safe and well is a huge responsibility. Nannies sometimes worry about taking any breaks if a parent works from home. They're concerned the parent might walk by and think that they are "just sitting around." This causes nannies to burn out.

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