• Genna McGahee

The Ethical And Moral Moments I Did Not Expect About Owning An Agency.

I got going with Babysitters Of Boulder in 2018 and registered the LLC in 2019. Looking back I started with a very general idea of helping parents and helping childcare providers. I did not fathom the nuance of personalities, differences of opinion, and belief systems I would encounter and navigate.

At times it feels like rapidly piloting a jet ski through choppy waters: you keep going forward, up and down, having fun while spray also hits you in the face and and other boat wakes suddenly rush up to meet your craft, at times slamming into it. There are the deeply meaningful tiny wins such as the parent who was so happy and relieved we had a short notice babysitter available for her, she cried. This, in the same day as the parent who called to tell me that one of my safety policies was "stupid!" and hung up on me.

Then there are the issues I didn't even realize I'd step up to as a business owner, the juggernaut issues we have been fighting and debating for generations. These are the issues that test my values, make me look into my own soul and how I want to be remembered. The parent who wanted to refuse all transgender female babysitters and work with "biologically female" providers only. The parents who sent a babysitter home because the babysitter is black. Nothing veiled about it aside from the wilted excuse that "our child has just never seen a black person before and was screaming." I will never forget that phone call. It took a chunk out of me. It drains my energy and at the same time I feel so damn lucky to have a platform, as a small business, to say aloud to those customers, "Here, we don't treat people that way." It feels like David shouting at Goliath but every time I add someone to my team I know who I am fighting for and it strengthens me.

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