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I attend college in Denver and have almost completed my degree in Elementary Education with minor in Psychology. Teaching and helping children has always been my passion and something I truly love. I have also taken many Child Developmental Psychology courses, which has given me great understanding of how children's minds function and develop. It is so important to tend to their developmental needs.


I enjoy watching children learn, and will work with your children on any learning objectives you may have for them. I have also taught swim to all ages, including two years as a floating teacher at Primrose Schools of Colorado. I worked in all of the Primrose classrooms with all ages, and have a ton of great experience with infants through that work experience. I love caring for all ages. I am also huge on getting kids outdoors for fun activities rather than being on a tablet. I pride myself on being trustworthy, reliable, fun and caring; I want for parents to feel as stress-free as possible.


Fun facts about me... my hobbies include hiking with my black lab, seeing concerts at Red Rocks, and baking with my mom!


"Rachel is just the best with kids. She is so reliable and our kids are always so excited when 'Miss Rachel is coming over'. And the maturity level too, a lot of times you have a college sitter and you expect them to be a certain way, like maturity-wise. Rachel is just so beyond that and so responsible. Never cancels, never late, never on her phone when she is with kids. I would recommend her to anyone." - Arrin W.

"We really like Rachel! I have booked her a number of times through the agency, including an overnight when I went camping. She helped to make it a smooth process. There were some extra steps including the kids getting picked up by their dad the next day, and we were at an Airbnb that week because our home was having some unexpected plumbing repairs. I have three children including two very energetic young boys 7 and 2. They love to have Rachel come over!" Kelly M.