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Hi! I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I have been working with kids since I was one myself. I started with babysitting, spent a year as a travel au-pair in Australia, and taught English classes abroad. This work included care for older infants and early school age children. I have worked on research projects with a children's behavioral research clinic with a university in Australia, and worked as a developmental therapist for children with Special Needs (ASD), including therapy work with nonverbal older children. I currently am studying Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Therapy at a university in Boulder County, with a concentration on Children's Therapy.


My Philosophy on working with children is that they should be given the freedom to explore and to learn on their own, as well as receive comfort and guidance from adults when needed. Especially in their earlier developmental years it is important to be spark creativity, playfulness, silly-ness, and for caregivers to have a compassionate attitude towards children so they can develop to be the socially aware and emotionally capable individuals we know they can be. I think as adults we could probably learn more from children than we would ever teach them, which is why I am so passionate about working with children!

Fun facts about me...I grew up on the east coast in Connecticut predominately, but have lived all over the world from Australia to Nepal to Costa Rica! I am very happy to be here in Boulder with my amazing dog named Sunny. I am a registered yoga teacher and have taken a training course in children/teens yoga. I am vegetarian, I love arts and crafts, and I enjoy being outside as much as I can!


"I’m honoured to write a reference for Sam. I can confidently say she was the BEST! I’m a single parent working in the medical field and I was transitioning from working during normal hours, to going back to the hospital for shift work with crazy hours including overnights, 5 am starts and late nights. I needed someone really reliable. Sam was all this and more. She cooked for my children, administered medication to one of my children who has ADHD at correct times, followed my rules but also enforced great boundaries with the children. Sam communicated with me openly about any issues she was having with the children such as behavioural so I was aware and it could be addressed. She used great initiative to not have them be in front of screens all the time and I would get lovely photos at work of them out on bike riding adventures or trips to the park. Other duties included ensuring they showered, brushed their teeth, ate enough at meals, packed lunches and made sure they had the right clothing for the weather. My boy who has ADHD responded very well to Sam’s relaxed but firm presence. My daughter absolutely loved her.  When it was time for Sam to move on (she was our au pair in Australia and would be returning home to the US), she even assisted to train the replacement nanny in the role.

I would accept Sam back again for a job any day. She is highly intelligent and uses common sense, does not crack easily under pressure (my high needs child could be a bit full on), and is genuinely kind and capable of performing all tasks required to be a nanny." - Imogen C.

"Samantha has babysat for our daughters, almost 4 and almost 6, and she is great! On time, very polite and friendly. Really positive experience. The girls tell us they have a lot of fun and want her to come back, which is really how you know a sitter did well. Everything was in order when we got home from our night out, all around a very good experience, easy to use and would be happy to have Samantha back." - Carly A. 

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