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Provider, Teacher

I am an experienced teacher with teaching all ages/abilities over many years. I love seeing the eyes and minds of young children light up when we are discovering together. I have held a teaching authorization in CO for teaching K-6 (2010 to 2018) and Physical Education for K-12 (2018 to 2019). My first nanny experience began over 20 years ago and still in contact with that family! Current grad student (hybrid program @ Naropa). I also raised my own two children (now grown).

More about me..I have a master's degree and am going for my second master's degree. I am a mom to two wonderful grown children. I am constantly learning and am curious as to how to grow and improve. I used to sing at weddings so I tend to sing a lot. I am active and like to stay in shape to be functional. I also love hiking, camping and mountain biking. 


“I supervised Shelby’s work from approximately 2010 to 2013, I was the co-owner of a gym where she 100% ran, led and designed kids’ camp instructor and was the certified kids’ instructor for our gym. She also taught adult classes. Her ability to engage with a range of ages, our youngest was 4 at the gym and oldest was 17, was very memorable to me. I also remember her ability to communicate very well with parents with questions, updates, concerns, and switch gears from children’s classes to teaching an adult class 15 minutes later. Some staff who are focused and task oriented are not as extroverted with parents and clients, and Shelby was very much both. She was reliable, very much so, I don’t even recall her ever calling out. In addition Shelby worked a paralegal in the law firm where I am an attorney and she had had discretion and professionalism with all of our confidential client documents and interactions. Finally, Shelby also cared for my own children who were about 7 and 11 at that time, I was in the Army and she would assist with their care during my deployments, which could be to who knows where, and I fully trusted her. I would recommend her to other parents - and I have!” Jakob N.

“You couldn’t find anybody better! I have watched Shelby raise her own two children with patience, kindness and guidance. I have consistently heard from parents at the schools were she has worked that she amazing with their children as well. I have also observed her over the years caring for many family and friends’ children and she has this way of being such a fun person while still ensuring there is structure and healthy activities. She is a very organized and dedicated person who is always prepared. She would be fantastic with any age group and I think especially for older children she would be such a fun babysitter, because she is very athletic and was a PE teacher so she can be very active with kids that age. I would trust her with my own grandchildren and to me that is truly the highest recommendation I can give as a parent and a grandparent.” - Cindy S.