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How can I join the group? Apply here anytime. We always have a need for more wonderful childcare providers. Requirements:

  1. minimum 3 years of childcare experience. Experience needs to be extensive i.e. babysitting here and there would not qualify. Experience can include parenting, sitting, nannying, volunteering, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, camp counseling, youth leadership (church, YMCA) etc.

  2. childcare resume 

  3. COVID vaccine card (documented medical and religious exemptions honored) 

  4. at least 18 years of age 

  5. two childcare references + verification of childcare-related employment listed your resume 

  6. proof of valid license (photo) and current car insurance (photo)

  7. clean background check and DMV record check (you can read exactly what we check, here

  8. current CPR/First Aid certification for Infants, Toddlers and Children 

  9. fluent English speaker with clean driving record and clean background check (the agency will purchase this & we use Checkr

  10. must have access to a reliable vehicle for work & be able transport children if a parent requests it (gas mileage is reimbursed)

We highly value reliability and professionalism. We do not do no-shows. We strive to always avoid last-minute cancellation. 




How does your agency support sitters and nannies? We recognize childcare as a skilled profession and team members are not on their own to negotiate rates. We set guaranteed rates, at a living wage for Boulder County, and start at $25.00/hour for up to 2 siblings. See rates. Our rates will be changing in Summer 2023. And:

  • 48 hour cancellation policy with 50% of sit due to you if a parent must cancel a sit 

  • $25.00 to you for any sit canceled in advance (more than 48 hours notice) 

  • a $30.00/hour base rate on holidays (and higher rate for Christmas/Thanksgiving) 

  • parents who come home early agree to pay for the full time booked 

  • parents recruiting a nanny through us agree to utilize a contract, payroll/W-2 and to provide a benefits package 

  • free optional coffee and brewery meetups, volunteering, & continuing education in the field of childcare and children's safety

Does the agency keep part of my hourly earnings? No way. 

How do I apply to nanny job openings? Nanny positions are posted in our password-protected booking system for members only. When you apply we share your profile with the family. They decide who to interview. That said, this decision must be based on the candidate's qualifications. We do not engage clients who wish to select candidates based on discriminatory factors such as age, skin color, etc. 

How do I receive bookings? We have an automated booking and payment system. As a registered sitter with us you can log in and see all available booking requests, and claim ones that suit your schedule and your experience.   


A parent directly texted me a sitting request. Is that ok? Please let us know. It is ok to let the parent know you're interested however they must officially confirm the request with the agency. 


What if I need to cancel?  Notify your client and notify the agency right away at (303) 749.1168. The most important thing is to be absolutely sure the parent knows that you aren't coming and you are never a "no-show." Please bear in mind that reliability and follow-through are key and cancellation should be used for illness or emergencies only. We cannot accept cancellation reasons such as car won't start, changed my mind, studying for a test, or a friend unexpectedly came to town.

What if a parent gets home late? Tally up your total time worked; you must be paid for all time you spent at the home. If a parent is chronically late please let us know. If you are working under a nanny contract you will be due overtime if a parent's late arrival incurs overtime. 

What if a parent gets home early? Parents must pay you for the full time listed in their original babysitting booking confirmation. We also require parents to use guaranteed hours for all nanny contracts. This prevents nanny pay fluctuations from week to week.

What if a family is not a good match for me? In most cases you will professionally complete the babysitting bookings you already accepted with them & you have no obligation to book with them again. We can remove the family's access to your profile. You can always contact us with feedback about a family. If a client receives poor sitter feedback and does not fix the issues, we will remove them from our service. 


We do not cancel a confirmed sit for reasons such as disliking a parent or the children were rude. However, let us know right away if:

  • you are experiencing harassment or discrimination

  • you believe that the home is unsafe for you or for the children

  • the home is in an unsafe or an unacceptable state for work (hoarding, insanitary, no adequate space to walk or prepare food, etc.)

  • a parent has hidden or minimized a child's medical condition or specialized/affective needs

  • you feel you are in a dangerous situation or are witnessing abuse or neglect - please exercise your best judgement, leave or call for help

How do I get paid? Parents pay you directly for all hours worked. The agency does not distribute hourly pay. Please do not leave a booking without being paid (unless you feel you are in an unsafe situation). If you are sitting multiple days for a family you know and trust, you may consider being paid on the last day of the booking however it's also fine to be paid daily. 

Will I receive a W-2 or 1099 from the agency? We cannot provide W-2s or 1099s because we do not distribute the pay. The parents you book with pay you directly. You may receive a W-2 from a parent if they hired you as a nanny. 

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