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About The Founder.  

Genna Hackley formed Babysitters of Boulder in 2018. The agency's mission includes strong support for busy parents, equitable and inclusive practices, and advocating for the childcare profession. 


Hackley began nannying in 2005 while completing her degree at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. Since that time, she has devoted thousands of hours to caring for children of all ages from newborn to teen, including twin infants and toddlers. Her experience includes care for children with a variety of unique needs including preemie, torticollis, hearing loss, speech disorders, diagnoses related to intellectual development (IDDs), autism, preverbal and nonverbal children using infant/pediatric sign language. 

Hackley loved her work and for years she was frequently approached by parents asking where they could find someone like herself. She came to realize that it's hard for parents and great caregivers to connect. Fellow sitters & nannies also shared that it can be difficult to find respectful work environments and dependable wages. Parents and caregivers are interconnected and now Babysitters Of Boulder serves both groups. 

Hackley oversees of the hiring of each caregiver who joins the group. She has a passion for fostering respect for the caregiving profession, and continuously refining our services to families. The agency hires exceptional caregivers whom parents can depend on and trust, and strives to ensure that these caregivers have an equally positive experience. It is a pleasure to build this network of parents and caregivers.


Genna Hackley  

Founder & Group Manager, Babysitters Of Boulder LLC

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